The anti🚫-derailment🚃 & thread🧵 hijacking🔫 thread🧵 ⁉

The anti-intellectualism has been strong lately… Both in the conspiracy theory crowd, and in the “yay science” crowd. It’s insane that no one is thinking.

I read that as “grinder” at first… My brain is fusked.

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You can get girlfriends on grindr now?

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Not much relevance. My body weight is high, so that’s gonna have a much stronger influence.

Plus its hard for me to compare as I’ve never experienced life not being a redhead.

Goes back to his lab to make something CRISPR.

I still have to perfect my mad scientist laughter… :crazy_face:

Not sure what’s worst…
That, or what happened with Brazilian registries which they claim got “hacked” and lost all vaccination data from a few months back to now.

Either way both seem like the same level of insanity.

So every year I like to do a funny gag gift for my mom and sister for Christmas. I’ve always been sorta teasing them about getting microchip implants like me. Combine that with the fact that they are both triple vaccinated like me too, and we always joke about the crazy conspiracy theory people too between ourselves. This year I got a couple of imitation vaccine vials that are intended to be tree ornaments. Then I also got a couple of cheap pet implants with the injector assembly. What I am going to do is carefully eject the chips out of the needles and put the needles back in the sterile package (they won’t see that the packages have been opened at first). Then the chips will go inside the imitation vials and I will put them under a bunch of napkins in my real empty DT boxes. And finally I will put the needles in their sterile package on top so that’s the first thing they see when they open the DT boxes. I can’t wait to see their faces when they open them, hehehehehehe, I’m definitely going to be on the naughty list!


If anyone is in the Dallas / Fort Worth area, could you drop this off at any local Department of Transportation for me?


Dear Texas D.O.T.
Kindly go fuck yourselves.
Warmest Regards,
P.S. Your Mothers and Sisters too.

As to why I would write such a missive:

I am a firm believer in road based symmetry. Basically if a road takes you from point a to point b, then it should also take you from b to a. Apparently this isn’t a thing in DFW. I followed I-30 to 635 to 20 down the east side of town when heading to Austin. My return trip should have been as simple as following 20 back up, but no. That route takes you up the west side of DFW. When I figured that out, I thought, “No problem, I-30 runs across east / west through here, I’ll just pick that up and go east.” Unfortuneatly, they never bothered to connect the north bound lanes of 20 to I-30. Which I figured out after stopping about 30-40 minutes north of I-30 when I had to turn around. At least they did connect the south bound lanes. This basically led me to going all the way around DFW, way up north on a loop, and then cutting back through from one side to the other, in heavy downtown traffic.

The other remarkable thing about DFW roads is the extreme overuse of fly-over bridges. In my mind I believe that the origin story of this extemist style would go something thusly. At some point a DFW civil engineer must have found himself in Notre Dame examining the intricate archways of the ceiling. Upon becoming enamored of them he would have remarked to a friend that DFW could sure use such glorious architecture to bring the populace closer to God himself. Of course the friend in a moment of clarity would have said that in order to work, the arches would have to be built so tall as give anyone passing over such an anxiety attack as to cause them to have a come to Jesus moment and call out for God’s help. The engineer would then have returned to DFW and given one of his interns a map, a sharpie, and a couple of tabs of LSD with instructions to draw swirls and loops on the map. They’ve just been stacking the roadways one on top of the other ever since in an effort to get tall enough to kick off a mass epiphany.

The local drivers complete the trifecta. In most towns you can group drivers into 3 types. The first is the slower people, usually U-hauls and Rvs. The second (and majority of the drivers) drive just about the speed limit. The third and smallest group are the occasional speedster. In DFW the whole paradigm is shifted. The U-hauls and Rvs are barreling along fairly dangerously at the limit, the vast majority of the drivers are blasting by about 15mph above the limit, and those who would normally be speedsters have apparently had their moment in the skyway with God and now believe they’re piloting cruise missiles in a four lane slot car race. To add a little more danger to the mix, for some unknown reason, and at random times, large blocks of drivers just slow down to about 20mph very suddenly leaving everyone else to stand on the brakes and hope everyone behind them gets it shut down in time.

My trek home was winding, long, and nerve wracking.

So, yeah, I did DFW today.


Welcome to the shithole that is DFW. I’m glad to hear you didn’t get lost in downtown Dallas. I am a little confused by your description of events. I expect you probably took I35 to and from Austin. Was the problem with the I35 fork where it splits into 35W and 35E?

The trip down was I-30 to 635 to 20 to 35E to I-35 to Austin.
The trip back was confusing.

Maybe I’m getting a little fixated on the issue but was it the 35E to 20, 20 to 635, or the 635 to 30 interchange that caused the issue?

On the trip back, I came up I-35, got on 35E, then got on 20.

At that point I was expecting to come upon 635, but ended up on the west side of town.

ahhhhhhh yeah the 35e northbound to i20 exits. They still get me from time to time. At this point I’m always triple checking which exit its supposed to be. My condolences for your lost time and stress.

on a side note, I didn’t realize the over abundance of flyovers was all that different from other cities until you mentioned it.

Not only the abundunce, but the staggering height of them.

Fwiw, This was on 4 hours sleep, at about 12 hours of driving time.

I prefer the country life. There’s not one single stop light in the entire county I live in.

I guess they have to make up for the utter lack of hills in that region of Texas lol.

For everyone else, apparently the high five interchange, which is one of them we’re talking about, is a five level interchange, 12 stories tall, that is the tallest interchange in the world.

12 .

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That’s absolutely absurd. Being totally honest, I’ve been through some bad interchanges, and figured you might have been exaggerating a bit at first. You weren’t though, that’s hellish. 3 level interchanges can get a little confusing, let alone 5.

Wikipedia says it’s made of 43 separate bridges.

It’s not just a few interchanges. Check google maps and zoom around, flyovers everywhere for every and no reason.

Smells like construction corruption… bridges to nowhere.

Dallas has heavy population density and crap traffic flows. They’re trying to widen everything to fix it, but in a strangely counter intuitive way, widening roads can make congestion worse. So they just widen more and add more bridges.

The place looks like a kid’s version of Rollercoaster Tycoon gone wild.