The anti🚫-derailment🚃 & thread🧵 hijacking🔫 thread🧵 ⁉

Just be happy they’re only pushing you to eat with the team.



Oh no. Is that a hiking trip? Too clean for a tough mudder.

Yeah I’ll take daily rice bowls instead. I’d hike or tough mudder alone but with people from work? Big nope.

Edit: Oh it’s less clean when it’s bigger and on my laptop. Wow.

@Coma found this truck at work today and it made me think of you. Every day I find something at work that makes me think of this forum lol


another peg in the blood glucose chart… basically rice… particularly white rice, but really all rice, is a massive glucose spike… and since you’re fasting you’re probably eating a large quantity of rice when you do eat… and insulin resistance can be triggered by the flood of insulin released due to high glucose spikes as well as consistently raised insulin levels from raised glucose levels.

it’s not very likely you have this problem because it would require quite a lot of rice consumption over a long period of time to trigger it… but rice will put my readings up by 200+ just eating a bowl of it. anyway… again… probably nothing.

Oof. Fortunately for me it’s usually overcooked and mushy, but not in an edible way. So I pick the toppings off. But it’s still a solid point. We will see. I’ll be going back to WFH so I’m sure I’ll get a chance to see if the trend continues. This is all long term stuff that can’t be conclusively decided… Probably at all since Im one person working off observations and don’t have any measurements. That’s why I am careful phrase things specifically as not-advice on the occasions I do talk about them.

I guess this new job might have opened up some ability to pay for some testing. $$$ Hm…

Look close and you can see a guy in an orange safety vest with a unicorn head.


There are horse legs, so that makes him a centaur-corn

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Cyber-centi-corn? Or cyber-cunti-corn if your mad at me?

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Are centaurs or unicorns inherently cyber now? I see no indication of that from looking at its form lol

Oh, I thought y’all were saying I was a centi-corn in the picture lol

Idk. This derail has gotten confusing lol

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🥲 note to self, ODaily is uncomfortable in my presence.


Note to self, avoid @NoUsersLefft at all costs.


Anyone here pan gold?

Did I find gold?

Legit was messing around today at the river with my daughter. Felt like brining home mud. I dug some out of a bank and this was from like one handful of what I have in a 5 gallon bucket.

Can you melt it? Shrug

Idk. Eh, I will get more volume and try

I have and could tell you if it was in person, hard to tell from a photo.

Easier if I could see how it moves amongst the rest of the sediment in a video

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I won’t waste anyone’s time. I will get a real pan and pan the bucket first. It’s next to black sand. The floating powder stuff sunk after I added jet dry.

There will be a video… Soon…