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Why do you want to be squishy and light up? If I’m going to get lights, I’d rather go full robot…


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I mean, yeah, it’s cool, but I like my boobies the way they are, and I don’t want them to be bigger. Glowing, on the other hand… :thinking: :smile:
It would be just amazing to use that for smaller implants - cheekbones, little “spots” in the face, maybe longer implants that could run over your arms or legs, that’d be really cool!

So I’m working on an idea, not related to cyborgi-ness, and ran into a lack of understanding of organic chemistry. This made me realize I need to talk to a nerd, and that I know a whole bunch of 'em gathered in one place. :logo_dt_circle:

Nerds are awesome, btw.

My project isn’t super secret, but I’d rather not dump it onto the open net, so is there anybody with a decent understanding of basic organic chemistry who would be willing to answer a coupla questions via DM? :scientist:

I just really need to know how to degrade / destroy / mitigate a chemical inside a material in a way that would be economically feasible.

From a perspective of being VERY single, ya’ll making me think of this.

I’ve been thinking of doing that with acme thread and cable rib implants… But without the glow in the dark component. Although it should be possible to make cable rib glowies.

Came across this and thought that @Pilgrimsmaster could find it relatable. :robot_marvin:


The unofficial Dangerous Things theme Tune

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That’s a really cool look, saw that once on some lady (can’t remember where I found it). And it’s theoretically possible to get that done with the glowy silicone as well - though custom stuff can take some time, and I don’t know if Steve still does it at all.
But I was thinking about really thin lines, almost invisible if not glowing, that could actually change colours just like the breast implants… that would be really amazing.




Part (BIG part) of me is very opposed to animal testing and all the terrible suffering that comes with it.

Smaller, very annoying part of me wants a glowing kitty now.


The internet ruined my mind … :sweat_smile:


I saw this and thought of you

I assume this is what you make when you need a rest up the tower


That’s for the night cuts when we forget to bring our hammocks XD