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Unsurprising… I still don’t understand why there are people who claim to have had spiritual experiences while talking to AI chatbots. Or perhaps I do, gurus and cult leaders specialize in making shit up and making it sound like truth…

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Imagine that while high on shrooms. The hallucinating AI could lead you down some deep rabbit holes.


Are those Lies? :astonished:

Well, we’ll see about that! :smirk:
I challenge you to find anything false about what this guru says here:

(Because of course that TikTok gurus are always gonna be the best!) :crazy_face:

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Thread 2

This is… impressively reckless? Stupid? Dunno…
But I like your answer in the second thread. Why do people still install stuff that dropped to the floor??? I mean, I write this while “sterilizing” my next batch of glow powder in my kitchen oven, but still! :smile:


5 seconds rule :rofl:




didn’t do a professional install because its $250 and 6 hours away.

In my experience a good bodymoder is worth the time and every penny. People can be mindbogglingly dumb sometimes.


How important is dodging the veins you can see on the back of your hands when considering implant locations?

I’d say it’s worth the consideration. It made the healing time for my Apex considerably longer than the flexEM because of a vein that the Apex ended up on top of. The vein did eventually move and let the implant settle in but it sure was a long wait.

edit: not sure about back of hand. My experience is only with flex implants on my wrists/forearm.


Pretty important. We have had one pretty well represented case where a self install somehow landed an x-series actually inside a vein… somehow… after a couple weeks. It was there, then all of a sudden it was gone. A few x-rays later and apparently it ended up going through the heart and lodged in the lung where the blood vessels branch out smaller and smaller. There was some x-ray proof uploaded, but there are still questions. Doc said “meh” and advised him to leave it alone, it wasn’t going anywhere… apparently.

Anyway… in theory it could happen, so best to avoid.


As Amal said, its important to dodge, but
in my opinion also incredibly easy to avoid doing it.

Especially on the back of the hands with skin that is elastic and plyable.

Pinch and roll when you tent the skin, you’ll feel the veins if they are there, and its easy to “squeeze” them out to give you a vein free install site.

If you just go all stabby stabby without tenting, a vein strike is possible, but when you withdraw prior to pushing the plunger, there will likely be more blood than usual (if you know what usual is)

If you STILL decide to depress the plunger, then when the needle is removed, blood will start to ooze out, and will likely take more than a simple plaster/ band aid :adhesive_bandage: to stem the flow, the injection site will buldge slightly with the blood pooling and some discolouration of the area.


Does anyone have experience with Holland America RFID cards?
I saw they’ve upgraded the door locks from mag stripes. Wondering if it’d be worth it to bring a PM3 and laptop on the trip.

Not personally, BUT

That little arrow suggests to me that it is a "sticky inny the cardy readerer "

SO, IF the reader looks similar to this

AND unless you have super flat hands, this MIGHT be an issue.

This is all just a guess though


They still have a mag stripe and a barcode for purchases in the shops and restaurants, but they’ve been upgrading the doors to RFID. I don’t think every ship has been upgraded yet.