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This is cool, with this design you could easily turn it into a tensgrcity (SP?) Lamp.

After a frustrating day, I came home to this and I’m as happy as I can be! :classic_grin:


:point_up_2: :point_up_2: :point_up_2: :point_up_2:

xMagic…Enough to turn any tough day frown upside down



Where are you sticking it? :syringe:

Are you going to try and do it during your course?

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Thank you!!!
P1 on my right hand. Got a friend coming over to tent the skin for me since it’s my dominant hand I’ll be stabbing. I’ll have two knock off gopros running to try and tape it though. Not like I’m using them for anything else XD



These bullshit shipping add on charges, remind me of my stance on charging for rice in a resturant or takeaway.

I love Thai Food, I refuse to eat at a Thai restaurant that charges for rice. (goes for Indian and others also)


Rice costs the sum total of $FUCK ALL
eithier absorb that tiny cost, or add it to the meal value…
Who’s eating a wet curry with no Rice?

I’ve walked out of a number of resturants over that.

About a week ago was my most recent.
4 of us walked in, I looked at the menu, suspected they charged for rice, I asked the question, they said yes, I said no thanks, handed back the menu and all 4 of us walked out.

They lost ~$120+ over <$2 rice

They dont charge for rice in Thailand, or India etc.

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I’ve never seen rice cost extra before. It’s always been part of the meal unless you ordered an extra side of rice, then it’s usually been around $2.50 for the side.
That’s kind of messed up!

I wouldn’t say its SUPER common, but common enough that its the first thing I look for on a menu.

I have no problem with that.
Also if you want something different, like coconut rice instead of Jasmine rice

agreed, but It’s not the $$$,
its-da-principalities-big-worm (2)


if you ever make it out this way, we’ll have to do a bang bang at my two favorite thai places I’ve ever been to.


I just did a random google search of Thai resturant in Seattle (I know Amal likes Thai too)
They APPEAR to charge for rice.

This is only a sample of one, and I could be mistaken

Normally I would see a note (All curries include rice)


Obviously Fried rice dishes come with rice, but so should a curry…

For self installs, which are advised against, i have found that you can use a long stretch (About 2 Cans of soda, or roughly 2 maple leaf’s lengths) of Syrgical tape formed into a Y over the area put the tail in your mouth and tug, then you have free use of your hand.

i used this method for installing my xBT


I’ll have to remember that if I don’t have a helper next time, thank you!
I used a chip bag clip that worked alright once, but I had to keep repositioning it as I pushed the injector in further.

surgical tape worked great for me. Apply in that Y configuration, press and hold for a few seconds and then you basically cry when ripping off. its very reliable and sticky.

My wife gave birth a month ago and im certain there is still residue from her epi on her back from the old tape.

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It’s hard to gauge by the menu because many places will automatically include rice with the dishes that are naturally saucy, but not all.

Funny enough one of the better places is called “On Rice” … family owned… a few locations way north of Seattle… and yes basically all dishes come with rice.

My two favorite places are called Thai Recipe in Seattle and Rachawadee in Mount Vernon. Both are family owned, single location restaurants that have good food, but each has a specific dish they do exceedingly well that I love to get.


and my Obligatory “self installs, which are advised against” comment also
before adding:

I have in my install kit, a “Bulldog” clip for tenting

There are actual medical tools that will do the job also, something similar a tongue clamp

but I personally don’t really need either, because I don’t do self installs

however, I do still have one in my install kit that I shared in the DT Club

Link for those in the club (more pictures and a write up)


join the club

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i’m kind of not surprised actually because if you consider the training material, the likelihood of explainer content on the web stating something akin to “take a deep breath, it’s going to get crazy” or whatever, probably has a good explainer of how the math in question actually works, broken down with lots of tasty words for the AI to consume and relate to the model… so skewing your prompt towards that better explained and long winded math explainer content it was trained on makes sense for it to do a better job at the actual math.

And obviously so the A.I. :robot: gets more oxygen to the brain :brain: which is very important in thought :emoji_mindblown: processing :rofl:

I wish :man_genie: @Rosco was still here to appreciate :clap: my use of emojis :robot_marvin:


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