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Pretty sweet…

we have a @NixieGeek

and also, have you seen @StarGate01 steampunk cosplay

Teaser ( There’s more to it, and worth checking out )

Link (to link)

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This was a really really fun kit of a project I picked up a few years ago. It was about 90$ with the tubes on ebay. Shipped from Ukraine, the instructions were even in Russian/Ukrainian?. But the project was seriously a lot of fun and easily worth double that for the joy of having one of these.

Since built I threw it in that little wooden box I picked up from the craft store and stained it, also switched it from USB micro to USB-C

They also have the other version as well with the IN-12 tubes

If you have a soldering iron you can build these. It’s all through hole components so nothing complex. Highly recommend


Quick sanity check. The Northstar implant was just a hall effect activated LED thing right? I’m seeing mention of it being a compass on here but not in any articles I’ve seen

It actually had a compass chip built in similar to the kind your phone uses. It would buzz and light up when the front face of it was facing north? I think that’s how the UI worked anyway.

I’m not sure what chip was in it but here’s an example.

HMC5843.pdf (609.4 KB)

So basically yes, a hall effect sensor but one hell of a sensitive one


I actually have a 6 tube nixie clock I need to build, it’s been in the box since I received it like 5 years ago :sweat_smile:

I was under the impression I was only given the tubes themselves, and still needed to source a board… so it sat while I got lost trying to find the right board

A month or 6 ago I happened to take a peek inside and I’m pretty sure I’ve had a board the whole time :sweat_smile::roll_eyes:

Will be a nice project to break in my pinecil when it gets here


Super fun project. Be careful with the tails that come off the tube they’re brittle

I was initially thinking about having a carpenter friend help me with the wood, not a material I work with or have the tools for

But then I started thinking about clear resin 3D printing something… for that 90s translucent look that I am stoked to see coming back


This is one awesome cosplay and I wouldn’t like to take it off if I had one…




Picked up some new contact lenses.


Was watching a random YouTube video and wouldn’t ya know it, guy has a magnet implant. Small world.


The whole breaks my brain, is it photoshoped or just a portal to another dimension?

That immediately made me think of The dark den on YouTube. Do you have any tarantulas?


I don’t but I do use them as feeders.

I have a crested gecko and three Australian green tree frogs. :smile:

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I have two bottles of clear resin I haven’t been brave enough to use yet, I hear clear resin doesn’t play nice.

If you think to, I wouldn’t mind hearing back on how you had to adjust the settings, if at all vs standard grey. If I beat you to it I can return the favor.

I haven’t had any issues actually printing with it
It’s more or less the same printability

Getting it to be properly clear is another thing, it likes to yellow from uv… which sure is good that you don’t need uv in the process
You can minimize and alter how you long you expose and cure it to get less yellowing, along with different brands

You also get a kind of frosted surface, from surface texture, voxelation, etc etc… you can recoat the part after the fact with more resin or clear coat or a bunch of various other stuff that matches the refraction something something about the material

Look up on YouTube tape onto frosted glass, it’s the same time

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Hey @Pilgrimsmaster, I accidentally posted a picture of a DT box in the 3D printing thread, would you be able to transfer it here? I’m sorry, I promise I won’t rush to post while I’m a drive through again!

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Anybody good at PHP and PHPStorm that can do a single simple postback page for me? I want to learn how to do more involved PHP work than the simple little API pages I’ve been making. Would totally be ok making this a paid “tutoring” type thing.

edit; actually it doesn’t have to be phpstorm… just some kind of ide or environment that helps facilitate quick easy project creation and management.

Thanks for the inf.

I’m planning to print semi-clear panels for a cyberpunk-esque desk lamp, so yellowing could actually end up playing into the look.


I can get you in touch with one of my devs.


yusss… DM me?