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Now I want to have a shit as an access badge or something…

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Sure they have USB-C, but it’s only by government fiat. They were forced to, instead of going 100% wireless. (The statues/laws are really interesting, and the court admonishments are interesting too… if you’re into that sort of thing.)

Wanna talk about it?


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Did anyone remember Google wallet before they made it into an app? In like 2014 Google wallet was a physical card, and you would use your phone to decide which credit card it linked to. It never expired and you could switch cards on the fly. Seems like that would have been a perfect solution to our implants.

I still have the old physical card somewhere. Shane they discontinued it but I’m okay with the new implementation of the on phone wallet app.


One review says they got shoe cleaner instead XD

Never been into tactical stuff but this looks kinda cool:

All it needs is a DT sticker…


Wouldn’t the impact of a bullet break your neck if it was stopped by your face?
Looks cool

Hoolywood has misrepresented how much energy a bullet imparts

giphy (5)

So just a headache?

Not really… Hollywood has exaggerated what bullet impact is like

Remember newtons 3rd law
For every action equal and opposite reaction

The recoil of a firearm is ballpark what the bullets energy is on impact…

So imagine a rifle butt stock against your head and firing it…not great/… not insta neck break

Also it’s going to come into play HOW the armor is defeating a bullet…
steel plate defeats it by being harder and deflects energy into the bullet spall
Composite is going to try to absorb or crumple zone

There IS a lot of energy in play, but it depends on surface area and time frame of transfer

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Damn you ai lol


There are a lot of things that change the way a recoil is felt with different armaments. Buffer tubes, springs weights. I didn’t know if that is an accurate statement.

Kinetic Energy Of The Bullet
The bullet whistles through the air, fighting it are the forces of momentum and gravity, push and pull. Finally hitting its mark, the bullet imparts kinetic energy to the target equivalent to half of its mass multiplied by its velocity squared.


Those don’t REDUCE recoil as often colloquially described, but simply change the time frame in which the energy is transferred… or a better way to explain is that it changes the recoil impulse

Other things such as muzzle breaks, and some compensators, do actually reduce recoil by venting gas in the direction of recoil impulse canceling some out

But something like a 12 gauge pump or a standard bolt action rifle doesn’t use these tricks to soften it, a 12 gauge recoil is still, but it doesn’t break your shoulder as people often love to over exaggerate… at worst it bruises (typically from bad shooting form)

Back to the armor discussion,

armor is complicated

when looking at stuff like that helmet, the more important thing to look into is “back face deformation”

This is the effect of the armor catching and slowing down the bullet but it does it over a distance that is sometimes longer than the armor is thick, which results in forces being exerted into the body

In the case of a soft body armor (think cop vest)
It may stop the bullet but have something like 2” of back face deformation… so imagine instead of a bullet sized foot print on impacts it’s a goofball sized impact that pushes into you 2-4” at a good amount of velocity

Gunna hurt like a mother, possibly break ribs, or in the case of central thoracic… it could stop or damage your heart depending on the shot

“Stopping” a bullet is only half the equation
You need to stop it quick enough without transferring too much blunt force impact to the wearer

Chinessium helmets often have very extreme levels of back face deformation, that would crack your skull or lead to severe TBI

Back face deformation, edge test, and shot density, and even special threat rounds are all things that complicate armor
NIJ is the standard go to org for certifications, but it costs money and many MANY companies skirt it by saying their product “meets or exceeds”
(And only meeting or exceeding cherry picked parts)
or is “compliant” rather than actually “certified NIJ X standard”

What’s even more fun and complicated is
Let’s say you wanted to make armor that can stop .308 Winchester / 7.62x51 NATO

.223 Remington / 5.56x45 NATO is a smaller and lighter round, so you’d THINK it’s easier to stop that 308, but it depends on what type of armor we are talking about…
something like steel it’s easier to stop 308 because it’s a physically larger and slower bullet, regardless of energy
Where as the 223 will go thru it like a hot knife because of velocity and footprint

Those kind of Chinese companies will “test” it with 308 and then let people make their own flawed conclusions that are everything lower is stopped by it

You also have things like poly plates, which uses I forget what, but a particular blend of plastic… and works really well… until it gets cold… and then it’s properties changes

And ceramic plates if mistreated can develop internal hairline cracks that significantly weaken it

Fabric aramid soft armor can be significantly degraded from biological growth occurring inside it from humidity, so they are often sealed, but maybe that sealed bag is shitty and it allows in humidity from your body

Steel armor is often easily defeated by higher velocity rounds, and can cause such extreme spall from the shattered rounds to pose a lethal fragmentation risk

Anyone that says that body armor is easy, is either ignorant or lying

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They can also redirect the energy so that it’s not all straight back into your hand and shoulder. I’m super interested in rifles like the kriss because it has a huge spring loaded weight in the stock that effectively shoots downward which redirects the energy and also counteracts muzzle lift. The full auto version for military can fire 45 caliber rounds one after another in auto mode and the muzzle barely moves.

Having shot the KRISS, I’m very underwhelmed in semi auto

Im sure the balance is great during full auto, but during semi, you still feel a lot of impulse, the timing is not synced well

Also the safety levels are god aweful… digs into my thumb with every recoil impulse…

This. The recoil felt from the weapon is stored by the potential energy saved from the spring at each reload. So the statement that what is felt as recoil is equal to what is stopped isn’t genuine.


Equal and opposite reactions

An AR is not a blow back, the breach is sealed during most of the recoil impulse imparting force straight through the stock

Once it unlocks the bolt is driven back by gas pressure from the gas port

You should try shooting an ar with its gas system disabled it actually has a softer felt recoil since you aren’t slinging around a half pound of bolt carrier

Even in the case of a blow back design, springs don’t push back in only the direction you compress them,