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That one cuts off before the best part…

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I dunno… I kinda feel the extended version targets a different kind of humor button. The fact it cuts off right after the 30,000 volt taser comment is more funny to me than the melting slow bad snl skit ending :slight_smile:

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  • Longer version
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It has a mechanical transmission… :man_facepalming:t2: :rofl:

And that reminded me of this:

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@Satur9 Can I DM you some engineering questions as a sanity check?

Yeah of course. I’m always available


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Never thought about an xG3 being affected by kidney issues, like fluid retention, but that’s going to be in the back of my mind now, especially after just running a call on a kidney failure patient. I don’t want my kidneys to fail, but if they do, I’d like to notice it by my magnets loosing lifting strength lol

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It makes acoustic transmission line reflexion noises!



if (you’re in the good 'ol U.S.A) {
printf (“Happy Thanksgiving /n”);
else if (you’re outside the U.S.A.) {
printf (“Have a Nice Day /n”);



Some facts to remember…

When the “Americans” arrived they would not have survived their first winter without the assistance of Native American tribes… hence the tradition of “Thanksgiving”. Lovely huh? :blush:

The American settlers repaid this generosity by killing almost all of them and completely taking all their ancestral lands that they had occupied for over 17,000 years.

Pre 1492 it is estimated that there were between 70 million and 90 million Native Americans in what is now the USA alone (official documented records put it at about 60 million but huge numbers resisted registering etc) - at the same time on the entire continent of Europe (including the European component of Russia) there were between 70-88 million. Most people don’t realise that… there were as many Native Americans as the entire population of Europe at the time.

By the 1600s the Native American population was less than 6 million.

Over that time thanks to the introduction of disease (often deliberately introduced) and a concerted effort to kill the indigenous population by military operation and endorsed civilian ‘hunting’ parties. The European colonisers killed 90% of the Native American population within 150 years. At the time this accounted for 10% of the global population and is still - to this day - the biggest instance of genocide and ethnic cleansing the world has ever seen.

The State of Oklahoma as you know it now was originally called ‘Indian Territory’ - it was an assigned space where the US Government dictated that the remaining Native Americans must live. It was promised to be theirs “forever” as part of the enduring “Peace” settlement.
Between 1830 and 1850 the US Government forcibly relocated all remaining ‘civilised tribes’ on a force march to ‘Indian Territory’ - by this stage there were only approximately 60,000 left alive (remember that’s from a starting point of 70-90 MILLION)… on this forced march to land that would be theirs “forever” a further 13,200-16,700 died (this forced march is known as the ‘Trail of Tears’).

After arriving in Indian Territory the tribes were assigned areas - again, to be theirs FOREVER.
By 1866 the American Settlers decided that they wanted some of the fertile farmlands and hunting grounds and reclaimed the western half of ‘Indian Territory’… placing the Native American population there onto small ‘Reserves’. By 1889 the “Americans” grabbed the rest and by 1907 the State of Oklahoma was incorporated into the United States forever replacing the land that had been promised to the Native Americans “Forever”.

By this stage, from original 70-90 MILLION Native Americans only approximately 33,000 had survived.

70,000,000 to 30,000

Happy Thanksgiving!!!


The few incredibly smart people that I know don’t fit in to say the least… There’s a lot of truth in that video.

“So evolved that they may not have a physical body” I think he’s talking about @Pilgrimsmaster :robot_marvin:



Thanks @Pilgrimsmaster


It that a rat? Or a weird bunny? What is it really?