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I didn’t want to post this on the you know what thread but I don’t like the idea of crazy people trying to fry RFID implants. I can imagine how a situation like that could end up in the tin foil hat wearing person trying to fry chips that are implanted in other people.

I hope that damaging an implanted device counts as bodily harm.


*Vulnerable and annoyed cyborg noises


Hows this going Jakey?

Any luck, or prototypes made?


“Remove your ear from your head” didn’t a bodymod artist from the UK get into a legal mess for doing that?

IMHO, ear removal should be allowed even if it’s not a common mod.


Ok, I have no idea about this but I came across a video about some military headsets or something and I noticed that the ones that the guy is holding in his hand have the same connector as most helicopters:

Are those compatible?

This sounds like it falls under the Cyborg Bill of Rights.,it%20means%20to%20be%20human.


The plugs are most likely compatible with each other.
Most civilian helicopters have the same single plug. They are generally known as
U-174/U (Nexus TP-101), U-93A/U (Nexus TP-102) and Nexus TP-120; practically all the same and also known as US NATO.
Most military aircraft – both fixed wing and helicopter – use a single plug called a U-93A plug which is the same size found in a civilian helicopter (mostly U-174).

The ComTac™ VI use NEXUS TP-120 plugs, so the plugs are compatible.

However, what can cause problems is the impedance (rabbit hole) of the headset.
Military headsets are generally low impedance instead of high impedance found in civilian aircraft.
In other words: Just because the plugs look the same, you shouldn’t expect a civilian helicopter headset to work in a military aircraft - or vice versa.
However, it is possible to overcome this problem by using headphone amps or adapters.


I’m pretty sure that the headset that I mentioned in my previous post is not designed for aviation. And I don’t know why there are so many headset connectors in aviation, why couldn’t we settle on the LEMO plug with panel power?



“This may take a few seconds”

I’m not sure if this is a compliment or insult…


Because many decades of dual plug being standard? (yes, easy to add/change a LEMO port.) Look at piston engine technology, straight out of the 60’s for the most part…

LEMO also appears(edit) fragile from the maybe 2 times I’ve encountered it (I didn’t actually plug/unplug because the headsets just stayed in the planes, so I could be full of it)

I did fly a plane with the 5-pin powered Airbus plug for a few years which was nice due to power (not needing to carry/manage batteries) and it was robust enough for multiple airplane changes per day over a long period.


That’s surprising about lemo being fragile since I use these plugs often in some of my build and they are wonderful

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I didn’t mean to state they ARE fragile, just that they APPEAR fragile. I have limited experience with them, and have never actually used them.

I’m curious why? I can’t figure out what’s the point of these. Bigger screen but doesn’t it drain the battery twice as fast?

I’m a fan with my limited experience. I like them much better then xlr

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I have yet to encounter that connector. And I agree, having power for your headset without having to carry around a bunch of batteries is awesome! Ok, you should still carry batteries for your headset and flashlight but not having to change some of the batteries as often is awesome.

Imagine there’s an app on your phone that can instantly turn it into a tablet and back into a phone. I was kinda skeptical, and it took a while for me to convince myself to pull the trigger, but I’m glad I did. I could go on and on, but I’ll just say that there are many applications that are better suited for a larger screen, like web browsing, for example. Earlier today, I clicked a link on Discord to a webpage with an embedded video, and I didn’t have to go through the whole rigmarole of clicking the video and full-screening it, then waiting for it to play; it just played embedded like on a desktop. But overall, it almost feels like a computer; you can multitask if desired. A lot of unexpected apps translate well onto a large display. It’s great for browsing and showing photos. I think it’s just something you have to try for yourself to fully understand. I found myself getting carried away in some games/emulators when I never would have on a normal phone.

As far as battery life, I am very happy, and so far, it seems like a big upgrade from my last few phones (Pixel 6, 7, 8), despite the larger display. I think a lot of it has to do with having a more efficient TSMC SOC vs. Samsung, but I also don’t think the larger panel draws that much more power, or at least isn’t linear with surface area/resolution. As a long time Pixel fan I am excited for the Pixel Fold 3 in 2025 when Google are rumored to switch to TSMC for their Tensor chips.

Using the cover display (a normal sized display for a phone) almost feels a little constrained now. As someone who thinks smartphone innovation has stagnated for a long time, this seems like an obvious way forward to me now after trying it. There’s a lot of skepticism and naysayers but after using it I can confidently say if they had price parity to normal phones these would be in everyone’s hands.


I was dubious too, But my Mrs. has one (Samsung Fold), She loves it, Her favourite phone she has owned.
I understand the appeal, and your points are all valid, except this

Not this guy, Its just to big for my pockets liking.
My preferred sized (smart) phone was the era of the Samsung S3, S4, and S5 or the early iPhones 3G, Iphone 4 etc.

Prior to my first smart phone, i owned my favourite ever cell phone.
Small, thin, light and discreet.

Sony Ericsson W880i

This photo for scale

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Makes me wonder if there are headsets that can take advantage of the 48v phantom from some mixers. i think clearcoms can.

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Maybe you would be into the Pixel Fold form factor more. Thickness isn’t that bad, but obviously it’s getting better every generation. Honor Magic V2 is only like 1mm thicker than an S5. But TBH I hate the Galaxy Fold cover display form factor.

(relative size)

Honor Magic V2 vs Galaxy Fold 4. Some very impressive battery tech (silicon-carbon) used in order to fit 5000mAh.