WIKI - NFC phone performance

Got my first folding phone the other day (OnePlus Open) and I don’t think I’ll be buying a normal slab phone ever again. I’m in love (But I will probably go for a Pixel Fold 2 when that comes out).

But there is no information on the NFC coil online from what I can find, so it was a bit of a gamble. Turns out it can read all of my implants perfectly fine, just doesn’t seem to have the very impressive range for showing off LEDs as my previous few Pixel phones had.

Red is where I suspect the coil is based on my field detector and xSIID testing, I could be wrong. The blue mark is my go to spot for reading my Apex (basically the only spot I can get an ergonomic and reliable read). And the green marks are the most ergonomic and reliable places I found for my xSeries. I can read my xSeries at the top corner, just not as reliably.

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