The anti🚫-derailment🚃 & thread🧵 hijacking🔫 thread🧵 ⁉

Trying to count the number of DT projects that I heard are in the works but I ran out of fingers a while back!


13.56 MHz antenna with a range of 40mm… :thinking: 25mm square. (US = 1 inch, CAN = standard ice hockey puck thickness)


Haha is that what the datasheet for that antenna module says? 40mm? Haha fuckin bullshit any time one part of a two part system claims a particular performance without any specification for the other part.

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Anybody ever seen a PM3 easy with the HF antenna on the middle board?

Someone showed this one off on reddit:

My credit card stands ready!


That shape looks very specific… and like it’s going to cost me money on a computer upgrade




Wait, why would someone call 911 in this context? If you think this is a real person wouldn’t you run over and put the ladder back in place? Or try to catch them?
It looks like the person who put the decorations called 911 themselves just to get a fun video :thinking:


TIL that my aunt loves her negative ion pendant and I died a bit on the inside.

:radioactive: :man_facepalming:t2:


sorry… I couldn’t help it


might multi post into 3d printing, but the question doesn’t really pertain to 3d printing, so I feel like I’ll get more attention here…

I’ve been conscripted to help make a sort of physical validation token for a facebook sale group… I wont tell you what they sell, but its legal, usually not specifically against TOS but they get zucked a lot… so they keep everything in DM’s… but proving who’s a known entity vs some random is difficult…

they want me to make then " vouch coins" for when enough people of clout vouch for someone they can receive a physical token…

easy enough…

but now I’m toying with the idea of embeding a NTAG into the coin… which I can do nbd thats something I do from time to time…

but what would be a way to BEST utilize this in an identifying manner?
I was initially just going to write some kind of unique funny meme or youtube link to each one and lock the tag… probably record the UID also…(I have my doubts that non rfid peeps will be able to understand the UID…
also in theory if they are copying the uid and sending it to potential buyers… that info is no longer secure or unique…

comments on how I’m overthinking it?

I have decreed that in that facebook group, I shall receive the mod title of “master of coin” forthwith lol


Let’s talk VivoKey AuthentiChip


I’m making 200 give or take of these for rfid newbs…
just trying to figure out the best way to use a bad system

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Definitely a cheap ntag.

Why not individually write them to separate Google forms all linked to the same doc. It only asks for their handle or email and records it. Then you have an active ledger.

I need a bit more explanation but maybe?

My Samsung door lock didn’t really have a problem with battery life, rather battery strength. The lock works fine on four Aa batteries for well over a year… but the strength of the lock pretty shit after just a couple months. The bolt routinely gets bound up if the door isn’t closed just perfectly, and sometimes causes the whole lock to brown out in the process.

I made a simple update and I am super happy with the results.


If we’re talking about any “lawsuit culture” country, then if you run over to put the stair back, you might become liable for any damages that person sustains…

So we develop this pavlovian response to avoid helping anyone as much as we can.

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if your definition of BEST = “the most unhinged”:
then make the token out of an edible material, except for the ntag chip.
This way you can easily fall back to ye olde practice of biting the coin to see if it’s real! :face_in_clouds:

There is no such a thing as overthinking!!
Next you’re gonna tell me about overengineering?

Jokes aside…
Just toss in an NDEF for a site. if you’re talking about facebook rfid newbs, that’s the easiest way to validate it.

if you want to overengineer a bit, on the site you can add a link to a plain app that checks the chip’s UID against your database

if you dial a bit back, each NTAG might have an individual URI param that takes to a page with a pic of the holder.

I’m pretty sure the good Samaritan clause would protect them here