The flexMN batch is now open!

Any guesses for when the next batch will be / amount per year?

Still trying to decide if I’ll buy this now or wait for the 2nd batch😅

probably by jan 12th-ish?

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not really… probably do the next batch in feb or march … every few months i’d imagine

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Sounds fine by me

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Now potted…


It happened!!! :rofl:


Hopefully not the financial disaster…

Amal, will you post the number of backers in the campaign stats like you did with the TItan? That would be interesting.

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By the way, small copy/paste snafu:

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Say Amal, I’m wondering a few things about the blinkies:

  • Would it be possible to solder a LED in parallel with the NTAG chip so it’s powered directly by the main coil? I wouldn’t think so as I’d expect the LED to introduce a parasitic capacitance that might be enough to detune the tank significantly. But maybe not. After all, that’s how it’s done in the xSIID and perhaps the coil hasn’t been redesigned for the extra LED in that one.

    EDIT: Nevermind

  • Would a glass xLED positioned somewhere in the empty space inside the main coil light up? Would it be too thick to encase in the biopolymer? It might be a less fragile alternative to the NFC nails, and the idea of including a HF and a LF blinkie to the flexMN is attractive.

    But since they’re totally rigid, they might poke through the polymer if the implant around em flexes. On the other hand, maybe the area near the T5577’s coil is rigid enough. I mean, it is a flexEM after all, and flex those certainly don’t.

Totally unrelated: I’m really tempted to order an Amal:



Just a thought but what about a xled assembly, outside the glass, would make a smaller form factor and could be reinforced thinner than glass

I guarantee you that teeny tiny ferrite rod at the center the coil would last half a second flat outside the glass :slight_smile:

I’m not totally certain, but I’m pretty sure the XSIID chip gets all the power and passes some through to the led, not that the led is wired in parallel on the coil

Though, now I do wonder if flex-field detectors without chips are possible, an implantable diagnostic card would be interesting

It’d be surprising if the LED was wired in series, as it would clip half the signal (it’s a diode} and halve the power available to the chip.

Yea probably a bad idea to consider,
Was just thinking about it being reinforced with the new reinforcing goop

I don’t think it’s wired in series directly either, more that the chip acts sort of like a power supply to the led, I think the led is only indirectly powered from the main coil through the chip

Ah yes, maybe if it was doused in epoxy…

That’s not the case. I asked Amal when the xSIID came out if memory serves.

EDIT: actually you’re right:

I eat my words :slight_smile:

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Well, like I said, I’m not completely certain

To me, Dsruptive’s site certain makes it sound that way though

“Energy Harvesting:
Reuses the energy from any NFC reader to activate components or sensors connected to the DSruptive board”

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