The flexMN batch is now open!

Yeah, unless it pulls the bottom and top coats of polymer apart as it moves and shifts due to my arm’s movements over time, then exposes non-polymer bits when it finally punches through.

Nope… won’t happen

To expand on that… Basically it may work itself out because the poly might be extremely thin at the crest or top and bottom of the cylinder, and it might get pushed out with force… but the polymer surrounding it will be solid… nothing to come apart

That’s good news :slight_smile: I was under the impression that there was some kind of boundary layer between the two that could delaminate, simply due to one layer curing before the other. But I don’t know really, cuz I don’t know how you do it exactly.

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This sure looks like an amazing “little” implant!

Harder but doable.
If the artist knows what he is doing, should be fine for a needle pocket install (with one of those 5mm needles)

That, if feasible with the LF antenna perks (not to say pricks) would be a reeeeally usefull implant.

Although I see it much more likely for someone to just encase 2 xSeries blinkies with some polymer just to keep them as a single implant.

In which case I would probably just want a couple of regular xSeries…

I see 2 advantages,

First, The flex would a much more substantial range, so you wouldn’t need to find the sweet spot on a “mystery reader”

Secondly, less importantly
No ferrite core, can snuggle into locations near a magnet install

I’m curious to see how xleds embedded in the flex works out, could possibly help prevent rotation if there a concern

Oh, me too!!

My comment was in regards to manufacturing it.



Is that Chad Smith?

Will Ferrell



That’s surprisingly meh. I didn’t expect the xLEDs to be “boosted” by the main coil as much as the NFC nails, but I expected more interaction. That sure don’t look like a winning arrangement.

Now I feel bad for wasting your time with this. Especially since it’s Sunday, and nobody should work on Sunday :slight_smile:

Thanks for trying it out at any rate!

Discovery is never a waste of time :wink:

Yeah… there are trade-offs to being an entrepreneur in a niche business … but it’s not all work on weekends… just a few jaunts to the lab once in a while ain’t all bad… I mean it’s just one door away from the living room after all!


There was no rush really. Quality time with your family is more important.

Unless of course you’re sick and tired of seeing them 24/7 because of the virus. My tenant in Belgium says she started fighting with her hubsand soon after the lockdown because they can’t stand each other’s guts no more. She says she realizes marriage only works when you only see your significant other part time, and I believe her :slight_smile:

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Could I potentially be annoying and ask how many LEDs would work in a flexMN or flexMT (they’re the same size yes?) without the flexEM part? I know there can be a moderate number around the outside, is there any chance of one in the middle too, and if so, what sort of range would that be?

(Can you tell I like blinky? :rofl:)

Also being a pain, how would it go range / brightness wise with a standard phone strength reader… ideally I’d want as many LEDs as possible without loosing much, if any, brightness / range.

(I am also considering the Apex Jumbo though with similar questions, so please don’t spend too much time on this :heart:)

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Not so far, but I’ve been working for myself in some capacity basically since we met so we’re always around each other… not much has changed for us during lockdown but it’s been real shit for the kids who are missing parks and going outside… hell they’re even asking when school is starting up.

I’d guess 4 is prob the max, and they’d have to overlap the large antenna at least a little. Range shouldn’t be affected all that much.


Ah yes, there’s that too - and the logistics involved for many parents.

My Dad who experienced bomb shelters during the war as a kid used to tell me the one thing he remembers most of that time is an intense longing to go back to school. I guess the virus is a sort of a war for a lot of people.

And gee, I guess it is for me also: I started going my the local U to learn Finnish when I landed here, and it closed 3 months later, inconveniently. Now it’s gone online and I’m not doing that - what with the stupid Teams account and Windows proctoring app the U requires to attend, and the massive headache I get each time I do videoconference. I’m longing to go back to a real classroom with real students and real teachers too.

And… maybe that was a bit of a derail :slight_smile:

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Since there are no LF fingernail LEDs, this could be a workaround to create a flex with xLED LF :slight_smile:

Didn’t seem to do much though

I have a feeling it’d be faster and more efficient to wind a flat coil and solder a LED to it :wink: In fact, I’m almost tempted to make one and send it to Amal before he starts making my flexMN…

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