The flexNExT is now in limited release!

That says nothing on actually seeing the led just says that they essentially develop a form of color blindness that makes the color differentiation more difficult.

Also I dont know of (correct me if im wrong) of 70 year old people implanting xleds or xsiid’s. Yes as we get older we will approach the age but I think for 80% of people contemplating colored leds under there skin they are going to want something vibrant.

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Yes true but, if placed properly and fully healed, the skin itself is basically translucent. The amount of blood flowing in the skin is only through the tiniest capillaries, and ultimately it doesn’t typically block much of anything at any wavelength. Once you dive under the fascia, particularly into muscle issue, light has a serious hard time penetrating, especially certain wavelengths.



The young(er) people of today might want to blow their retirement home buddies’ minds decades from now. Best think ahead :slight_smile:

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Sadly it looks like the only LED colors that charge the glow resin are deep blue, purple and white.

So yeah, light blue/cyan is out of the picture.



I’d take deep blue as well, wouldn’t be much of a problem, but light blue would be a tiny bit more fitting (since my flexNExT is already light blue). So if I’d like to have a flexMT with blinkies and glow powder, do I shop the standard one and just put a comment in or do I take a closer look to the “custom” section of the shop? Will do so in a few months at the earliest, but I love to be prepared :smile:

Oh, idk then, because even in the video he posted testing the lights, light blue hardly worked :neutral_face:

Perhaps, for your FlexMT, you could pick a color that contrasts well with the light blue of your FlexNExT?

I plan on having the flexNExT on my left hand (already there) and the flexMT on my right wrist or so, so the colours won’t be directly next to each other…
And I don’t want to have too many colours on / in my body - it still has to match my style, in a way. Clothing is usually completely black, little details might be bright pink occasionally, and everything that glows is usually blue, so blue fits best, I think :wink:

Ohh, I’m completely get what you’re saying, you speaking my language now haha.

Is it cool if I see your FlexNExT? I’m thinking about getting light blue and I’m wondering how it looks after healed up!

Edited: While Amal might have referred to LEDs with 5-10V forward voltage (i.e.:you put the Q-point to the middle, somewhere 6-7V)that I don’t have available, but I have 395nm LED at home.
Therefore I did a mini experiment on the LED I have. They charge the glow toy I have faster.
My mini experiment might not be representative, but I’m interested in the workflow regardless.

It’s the difference between UV-A LEDs (365nm) and UV-C LEDs (280nm). You can get UV-A LEDs that have a 3.5V forward voltage, but their lumen output is very low. That’s why the “flashlights” that have them always have like 80 of them in parallel.

okay, I specify…

We aren’t trying to make a subdermal flashlight (yet) just trying to make the led blinky charge the glow powder,

Seems like assuming voltages can be worked out it will come down to, would you rather charge the glow powder much faster, or have a more visible led

Yeah, me too… :wink:
It is doing fine, but those things take a lot of time I think. Currently it’s a bit swollen because I don’t give it the rest it wants to have. Result is - the blinkies are still not as blue as they’re gonna be. But the scar has developed really nice, I think :wink:


Wow, you heal up even more slowly than I do. My arm looks almost normal now, the scar is disappearing fast, and I got mine after you got yours… Suddenly I don’t feel so bad :slight_smile:

By the way, you seem to have the same mini-rash on top of your flexNExT than I did on mine. That doesn’t worry you?

I had several more problems with the incision itself - my body decided to dislike the stitches quite some time before the wound was really closed. I had to take them out, but I had to tape the wound with steristrips for quite some time - and my body dislikes plasters a lot as well… sigh. The swelling was almost gone some weeks ago, but I currently help renovating our home as well as the usual work at my job, so a lot of movement and such, and thus the swelling is up again (there is a freakin’ lot of movement on the hand - my other implant was way easier). That doesn’t really worry me, I know it just takes more time, and I’m quite patient with my mods.

The mini-rash… I keep an eye on it, but it doesn’t feel like a rash at all. No itching or anything, just a bit of colour-oddity.

Yeah about the swelling… Mine was almost gone too, and I decided to do my sofa marathon the other week-end, to get rid of it once and for all and prevent it fron lingering and coming back. You might want to consider doing that too before it becomes too chronic.

I love to consider that, just lacking the time :wink:
But next week, I’m having a break from work, so I might be able to spend some days lying around (and I most likely won’t be able to do much anyway, considering I’ll get my next mod at the beginning of my vacation :smiley: )

Now I’m curious!

It’s going to be a nice, big, cyber-themed scarification on my décolleté - my artist has already shown me the design he made, and - though I described it pretty vaguely, hoping he knew what I was talking about - he totally nailed it. Pretty impressed! If you’re interested, I’ll post a picture of the result (next saturday) in the derailing-thread or so :wink: