The flexNExT is now in limited release!

The lights have no battery. It’s only on when near a reader or one day this

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Thank you! So no worries about the LED dying after some years, that’s good news for me :smiley:

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The middle bit is solid, around the other edge they have more flex, i imagine the LED version is less flexible than the non LED.

Just looking from the videos, I’d be surprised if it could be installed without damage in a less than 4cm incision

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Thanks! I already wear a silicone implant and was really surprised how small the incision was, simply because it could be squeezed a little before implantation. Guess I’ll live with a slightly bigger wound this time :wink:

I would say try sticking it in your chest like an Arc reactor but it would probably interfere with an AED if, god forbid, it ever needed to be used.

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Nice idea… though I’m already planning other fun stuff with my sternum :sunglasses:
And it might me somewhat uncomfortable to actually read the chips - though it might be fun opening a door with that^^

Oh, another stupid question of mine (certainly not the last one…): I actually searched around here, but couldn’t find much… the coating is a biopolymer, so not the medical grade silicon I am kinda used to - is there any way to sterilize it? I know it’s swimming in chlorhexidine, which is pretty okay I guess, but since I’m going to have a 4x4 cm pocket in my skin containing this cute little thing, I’d be a bit happier if it was really, really 99,99% free of possibly annoying stuff.
Sigh. Guess I’m still looking at this from a bodymodification point of view, less from a DIY-bodyhacking one… :smiley:

@amal mentioned in the video above that it’s clinically clean (not technically sterile) and that there are no reports of infection from the many years of customers installing flex implants.

They aren’t autoclave compatible, but they can be sterilised with EO gas if needed. Do your own risk assessment, but for me, clinically clean and installed in a sterile environment by a professional that is trained in aseptic procedures is enough for me to be comfortable.

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but imagine opening doors just by walking into them :smirk: :smirk:
door open

sounds tempting, I must admit… :thinking:

little update - ordered one yesterday, let’s see when it arrives here. If there is any interest, I’ll put up some pictures once I get it inside my body :wink:


I confirm that there is intense interest.


Okay, so let’s hope shipping and all the stuff works fine, I’m planning to get it implanted on the 12th of october. When I bought it, the confirmation said something about backorder, and I’m not so sure how fast international delivery currently is, because of… all that stuff going on. But me and my bodymod-artist are already a little hyped^^

Same, I’m super hyped about it. Hopefully it comes quick and customs don’t get all annoying with it I’m looking to have it implanted before end of August, I’m moving house then and need to be all healed up. Can’t wait!

Might depend on where you live - in germany, customs is usually not a big problem.
And maaaaybe, if DT gets everything done super fast, I might even get it implanted in my summer holidays, somewhere between end of july and beginning of august… just can’t wait for it :smiley:

As a rock climber, the whole potentially-fragile-things-in-your-hands deal is the biggest thing that concerns me about all implants. That said, I actually do have an old experimental Cyberise nfcxLED that @amal said I should really get removed— But I’ve been too lazy/scared to, and have been totally fine climbing for the past ~1.5 years with it.

I feel like this form factor would add significant risk to something like crack climbing, specifically:

Just how sturdy is this thing? The tops of your hands frequently get pretty bloody and destroyed from crack climbing, and there’s intense pressure exerted on them.

It also feels weird to me, just looking at the tops of my hands— There’s tendons constantly flexing and popping even as I type this, whereas in the empty thumb-pouch area my implant currently is, there really is… nothing. Thoughts?

Can’t say much about the climbing-stuff (though I’m interested as well how “sturdy” this thing is), but this here…

…should be no problem. 16 days ago, I got a nice (glowing!) silicone implant, 4.5mm thick, on the lower side of my arm directly below the wrist. Lots of tendons there, and some seriously important vessels. For the first week, it hurt a bit when I moved my hand around, by now everything is completely fine (though still slightly swollen). So, considering the thickness of the flexNExT, this should really be easy going.

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I’m a climber as well, and I’ve had no problems with my Spark 1/xEM the past couple years in my hands. Just ordered the flexNExT a earlier this week, but I definitely wouldn’t trust it in the back of my hands.

I’m honestly not sure either way if the implant would actually get damaged through average climbing sessions, but I can just imagine too many scenarios in which something goes wrong and your hand is damaged in some way that would put the implant (and, more importantly, your healing site) in jeopardy.

I’m planning on getting this installed on the back of my forearm, since it will still be accessible but a little bit more out of the way for climbing activities.


This is super cool. I’m definitely interested in this, although, I have yet to actually receive an implant yet.

In my future for sure, I can’t wait to see where people get this installed. With the size of everything, I can see the performance of it being crazy good! I’m wondering if I can put this on my wrist, near the base of my hand and if it’ll have enough range to where something in the palm of my hand can read it.

I like the idea of it being on the back of my hand, but, with all the tendons and stuff there, might be a little risky. I’d rather play it a little more safe.

I wasn’t on the forum for few days and flexNExT is already ready to buy, awesome.
Probably not now, but I’ll be buying it in the next 2 months for sure.

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So big, so many colors… omg, I wish I had $500 to drop on a pair of these… and then probably another $200 for install, cause these babies aren’t self install friendly, lol.

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