The Flipper Zero is back!

The Flipper Zero is back up for pre-orders with estimated shipping in August.


And screen protector are available!

Shipping is $20 to the US … Anyone interested in a group order to save on shipping?


And they still haven’t finished shipping kickstarters.


To be fair, they’ve stated earlier today that these pre-orders won’t ship until the kickstarters are all completely finished.

Really wish they made one that was thin tempered glass or something. Mostly worried about cracks on my screen (or the built-in plastic protector), not scratches.

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I hate tempered glass screen protector … They last 12-15h on my phone before they break … Might have to get an actual case for it and call it quits …

The $18 shipping for 3 little screen protector is a bit outrageous imo …

I usually do case + tempered glass screen protector, and each protector usually lasts me a year or so before I end up breaking it.

Sadly I skipped the screen protector on this phone, and already have tons of small scratches 7 months later…

Thank you!

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I noticed. Ended up getting the device and all the accessories. I wish black was available but oh well. Looking forward to using it!

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Cries in American :cry:

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Finally joined the cool kids club!


Still no for Canadians.


Any chance they’ve made it to being able to unlock/reset a password-protected NeXT yet? The RFID-side, specifically. That’s what I’m looking forward to, more for convenience than anything.

I haven’t tried that but I have noticed that some features that I’ve seen in previous manufacturing runs are missing from mine. Fir example, I was playing with someone else’s and they had an option under NFC for bank cards. I was thinking I could use that to light up my XSIID since it should power the LED but never actually scan. That’s no where to be seen on mine. When I scan it with the regular NFC scan it happens so quickly that you can’t see the light.

A couple of suggestions for you.

If you approach from the blinky end (Not the end with the chip), you should be able to get constant blinking without ever reading.
You are just trying to provide enough power to light the LED but not get a read.

Find that functionality on GitHub and install it back on your flipper.

Roll back firmware to when it was included

Sorry for the background music. I’m not gonna re film it though. Just enjoy.


Is that bank card mode? Where is that in the menu for you and what version of the firmware do you have?

Nfc-> read

It took some working to get it figured out how to hold it and go slow.

I believe that was removed from the firmware a while back. If you just want to light up blinkies, go to NFC → Debug → Field.

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I’m a little late on the hype, but I’m curious if there are any informations, if and when the flipper zero will be in stock, or if there is some kind of waiting list to join.
Thanks for any kind of information and sorry for any spelling mistakes, english is not my first language.