The Flipper Zero is back!

There’s no waiting list, I ordered mine on December 20th and received it on January 6th.

Interesting, did you just order it from there website? is showing them sold out right now.


Looks like I have to be a bit patient.

Yes, Sorry for the late response, I got distracted playing GTA 5 online.


They’ve been dropping batches of inventory regularly,

If you want one, pay the money

Sooner you order it, sooner you’ll get it :man_shrugging:t2:

If you wait till it’s in stock, it’ll likely be sold out by the time you get to it and have to wait another cycle or 2


Thanks for the info. I wasn’t able to find a button for purchase, seems like I haven’t looked hard enough.

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Yeah, I just looked and they’re sold out, Apparently I got lucky when I ordered.

Just keep checking and don’t buy from Amazon.

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Thanks for the help and no I’m not willing to pay 350$.

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I feel the need to apologize
I apparently missed the mark with my above post…

I wrongly assumed flipper was still doing pre-order \ back-orders… which they are not, so you can’t do anything if they aren’t in stock,… that’s my bad…

why I derped harder than usual if you care.. RANT WARNING lol

beyond my usual stupidity… I can trace where my poor attitude about it came from…
regardless of your feels about gun stuff…this rant is mostly about bureaucracy and very little to do with guns…

anyways I have been in that industry for YEARS… and one of the most asinine things I have to deal… especially in regards to customers… is the ATF NFA forms…
… long story short (but probably not), its a permission slip for cooler stuff than normal… but its LITERALLY NOTHING but pointless bureaucracy, its the exact same background check a store does in 15 seconds… and I LITERALLY mean the exact same… same database and parameters… but you send it off in a paper form… and the ATF\FBI chucks it into some closet and fucks off for USUALLY about a year… often more… one of my forms took 14 months… btw it costs 200$ for this special treatment

so pretty much you fork over the money for the THING, and then pay the ATF\FBI to sit on their hands and do nothing, and wait a year plus before you actually get the thing you wanted to buy…

pretty shitty adventure, every time because of course you have to do it all over again everytime you want to buy something cool…

well there are ebbs and flows and gridlocks that happen ON-TOP of the typical shit…
and there’s a person born every minute who thinks they can “outsmart” the cold heartless bullshit, if they “SEND IT IN AT THE RIGHT TIME”, because once every blue moon the submission rate drops and stuff comes back in as little as 3-4 months,… so everyone gets this brilliant idea that they will WAIT till stuff is coming back 3-4 months later, and THEN they will submit it…

here’s where the problem starts… there is no prediction or timetable during the entire submission… you send it off, and it comes back when it comes back… and you can entirely fuck off until then
lets say you decide to call them the day before they send your paperwork back… they’re answer will be “pending” its pending from when the get it, till they send it back, nothing more nothing less…

so the only way to know, is to look at stuff that is coming back, how long it was gone for…
but that doesn’t tell the story of how many submissions happened since that form was submitted, the submission rate could have gone up by 10x

and what happens is every tom dick and harry that didn’t have the patience to wait, now hears that john smith got his paperwork back in 3 months, so they all assume that NOW is the time to strike…
…and the submission rate EXPLODES… and then it takes 15 months to process all the demand… ALL the while those who submitted are whining to me about it

equally if not more frustrating is the people who LITERALLY, wait YEARS for the “right time”… and you can’t get through to them… that if they have just sucked it up and sent in the papers day1 they would have gotten their paperwork back years ago… but they will still whine to ME about how long it takes…

so when I read about people waiting for some " right moment" to get something, I kinda get mildly triggered… awkward laughing after long rant


No apologies needed. We are all ( at least partially :wink: ) human.



Thanks for the reminder. Sadly I’m not from the US, but we’ll see maybe they are back in stock for the EU as well.

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I think the hardest part for me to swallow was paying for your shiny toy up front plus the extortion fee for each shiny toy and knowing that your $2k+ investment was sitting in government purgatory for the foreseeable future. It’s like ordering expensive things from AliExpress you give them all your money and hope for the best and the tracking is non existent :laughing:

I can rant about Colombian customs all day long for that matter… And they are even worse for stuff that’s sent via government mail.

But still, somehow DT manages to get implants through without much trouble. (Although the laws have changed a lot since my last order)


So, I tried to get a flipper when they “came back in stock” but I never saw where they did. Jan 13 got moved to jan 18 and then it just never showed anyting that I could see?

Now it’s saying it’s getting up dated, the site, and that you need to go through joom. Who doesn’t ship to the us? Is this a temporary thing, does anyone know? Or has the option to get one in the US gotten harder? Hopefully it’s just while the shop’s being updated? It used to show us stock on the link I had open.

Are you on the Flipper Discord? They regularly post when the next US restock will be. Since the last one was at the end of January, I’d expect the next one will be fairly soon.

No, I’m not. I’ll definitely need to look into that. Thanks

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Got onto the discord. Hadn’t been on discord before. Thanks for the heads up. I didn’t know there was so much frenzy for it, lol. No wonder I didn’t get one.

Flipper zero is back in stock for the US store. Just got one :raised_hands::green_heart:

Wanted to let you guys know if you didn’t already.