The M1: A Compact Multitool for Technophiles and Hackers

The M1: A Compact Multitool for Technophiles and Hackers

As found by @Az_F

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Another flipper copy but check this design out:



It does look weirdly familiar, But I cant quite put my finger on it


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Costs 50,000$ in stretch goals for them to add petchip scanning to their already present lfrfid module

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Yeah I noticed that also.
Almost like
Stretch goals for the sake of it.

I haven’t compared it side by side, but as far as I can tell, it appears EXACTLY the same as a flipper with one notable exception, The Flipper has the iButton function, But im guessing this was due the Flipper originating out of Russia and the “Russian” market has a reasonable number of iButtons installed.

Im my opinion, the Flipper has a nicer hardware design.

I guess time will tell how the M1 software side presents itself, and if it will get the huge cult following like the fipper does

I backed it a couple of days ago with early bird. We’ll see.

eta: this appears to have built-in wifi whereas the Flipper doesn’t

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I only like it because it slightly resembles a Portal bot



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Ohhhh, a silicone cover, thas a good idea.

I wonder if they will do it in orange, something like this



They are collecting pledges.



Screenshot 2024-03-07 at 23.34.40

Yup! I pledged too but hummed and hawed too long and got hit with a “faffing about” tax! $10 more than you.

Now we wait to see if our gamble paid off…

As to the three stretch goals:

  • I am pleased that there will be a choice of colour. I like the shape of the flipper but always felt that the white plastic made it look like a tv remote for the kitchen.
  • A special function for pet tags? I hope that’s just a kick-ass antenna that will pick up a pet chip from a distance. The Flipper finds them but it is really hit’n’miss and pets don’t like hanging around so long.
  • Not really interested in the fast charge. The Flipper isn’t particularly fast but it stays charged for weeks!
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Totally agree with you.

The physical design is…bland.
But aesthetics are very low on the list of priorities.

I don’t think it will ever have the same community behind it the flipper does, but it will be interesting to see how the CYBORG performamce compares.
The Flipper is a very good all around tool for us (except pet chip like you mentioned)

There are a few other non essential things I would like to see from the flipper, but the single biggest capability I see it missing is the gen2 write ability.
Luckily a phone can do that.

The M1 has big shoes to fill, but maybe it will fill the Flippers "failings:


I’m hoping that’s it does I’m also backing it the early bird unfortunately I was a little late on the draw for The Flipper zero they don’t sell them on joomgeek anymore from Canada and they’re banning them here now so people are hiking the prices of them up like Skyrocket I think Amazon had it for 300 ish one day and then now jacking the price and they’re hard to find now because they’re getting banned cuz you can copy car fob radio signals and steel cars so they’re actually trying to pass a law here in Canada where they’re going to ban them.

Are they banning SDRs in Canada?, which can do the same thing…but better

I don’t see why it won’t.
If M1 simply copy Flipper Zero, they will have a perfectly functioning device.
If they learn from Flippers weaknesses, they will have a “better” device.
As mentioned above, I dont think the M1 will get the same cult/ community following
It will be good for people living under an opressive socialist dictator nanny state that have only specifically banned Flippers

The only real unknown at this stage is, how well it will interact with implants.
The Flippers antennas are well designed and well placed for our needs.


It seem like they have IT HAS built in wifi and bunch of other stuff that seems like they improved UPON the flipper zero. I’m assuming someone had one a said These things are missing let’s build our own but better. By the looks of it but make it more professional looking less like a toy **I like the flipper avitar though lol **

It’s fueld by ignorance and fear of the unknown, since people don’t understand the tec and only hear a few details of what it can do they are banning it based on assumptions of what I might do… it can’t do what they think it can modern cars use a rolling code system to talk to your car, new one is generated each time and is deleted are use. The flipper can copy it but it’s no use after so they can not steal modern cars at least one build after 1990 lol

I think it’s safe to assume as it looks as if they are competing with the zero you wild think it’s at least on par with its ability if not better, they do talk a big game in their campaign description as to the things it’s able to do .

I’m hopeing it’s similar enuf that the flippers mods and community made projects and features are not to difficult to port over, They did have 11,189 backers and a goal of US$ 10,000 and got 1,364,457 US$. So for thous of us who are not likely to obtain a flipper any time soon geee hopeing!


I haven’t backed the m1 as I am if the wait and see mindset. But I definitely will be backing the Flipper0ne when it drops


I’ve been thinking about getting a Flipper but would like something with WiFi capabilities. I know that it wont replace my Proxmark3 or Alfa AWUS036NHA but those features would be nice to have.

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i know out of the box it doesnt. but the wifi boards are a dime a dozen, or if you have an ESP32 laying around you can attach it to the gpio pins and it is pretty easy.

i havent done a multiboard run in a while but if i were to do another id likely use an ESP32 S2 instead of the 3. too many issues it seems rn

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