The official Titan crowdfunding campaign thread


I’m curious: how does 33,300 happen? My trusty calculator says (65 x 500) + (4 x 300) = 33,700.

Something tells me someone smoked a celebratory Davidoff Oro Blanco :slight_smile:

This might explain it.

Backers: 58
Titans backed: 71
Raised: $34,300.00
The campaign will end in 3 days, 4 hours, 32 minutes, 56 seconds

63 x 500 = 31,500
6 x 300 = 1,800

33,300 :blush:

EDIT: add another two (71 total) = 34,300

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I didn’t realize there were 6 superdiscounts. I thought only 4.
No cigar then :slight_smile:

EDIT: come to think of it, Amal is under no obligation to disclose the superdiscounts. So why not :slight_smile:

Not sure where I should start. So much I am wondering or even worrying about…

I understand all your points here and that it’s not easy to find a professional these days, but I am a professional and I know how easy you can make a serious damage to important nerves. Okay it’s your own body, but this type of nerve damage is (mostly) irreversible!! You could in worst case end up with a useless finger (then you’ll definitely need a professional…)

Everything has a expiry date. Also my self made stuff that I get plasma sterilized from a big factory has these dates on it. (It’s mostly sterile for about one year with plasma) But the good thing with the Titan is, it comes in this sterile pouch and if I remember correctly it will be sealed in another bag for shipping. This second sealed bag around the sterile pouch will protect it for even a few years more, if it remains closed. Otherwise your Installer might decide about sanitizing it before the implantation.

Lifetime guarantee + free replacement…what do you want more??? Go for it as long as there is a chance to get one!!!

Not very good for sensing. I think you would be very disappointed…

I’m a surgeon and I have one magnet in my fingertip (non dominant hand) you will have about 99% no discomfort if it’s done properly and after it’s fully healed. (In my count the 1% is mostly caused by people who don’t know how to properly install such implants in this sensitive location…)

My opinion: it would be wasting 500$ and wasting the real abilities of the Titan…
My cousin had a Haworth sensing magnet on this spot he was very disappointed. He ended up cutting it out and did another one in the fingertip, he said that was his best choice ever. Since the Titan is very small, go for fingertip, not for “dead flesh” near L5. I call it dead flesh because you will not get any good connection to nerves in the area. Even lifting looks kinda weird with this spot…


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: a magnet implant comes with too many strings attached for me. I want one because… well, how more ubercool can it be. But I know it’s a bad idea - for me anyway.


Those are all good points, but that 1% is a worry for me. I might go with a cosmetic surgeon, but not sure whether they’d be comfortable doing it (not sure they’ve every done anything like it, though I will be aiming not to be the first one implanting a titan in my area). What’s the best way to make sure a particular surgeon would have the necessary experience to implant the magnet?

This is really useful information, thanks! I thought as much, since its not being sanitised.

This contrasts quite a lot to the whole have things you’re wondering or even worrying about, but it is kinda the reason I’m pretty sure I’ll get one (sorting out finances / making final decision). Worst case, its a very expensive memory and cool object which supports a company I love, and I can choose to get it sterilised or sanitised at some point in the future.

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I am interested in finding a surgeon to do this, short of visiting Europe do you know of the best way to find a surgeon for magnet installs, if you have any contacts, resources or advice I (and many others I am sure) would be very grateful.

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This is the first review I heard about the 5th. at the moment.

I can’t! :frowning:


I am left handed, so the non-dominant part of the equation has failed in my case because I’m photographer and DSLRs press quite a lot on every finger of mine, except the outside of my pinky. My first magnet was installed in the right hand btw.
Also, the thought of having something in my fingertip FREAKS ME OUT. The only digit I would could imagine magnet w/o mental meltdown is my toe. I could feel comfortable about that, but fingertip is no-no.

As I said, I take it as an experiment.
I still have a few month to finalize my thoughts. I was even thinking about inner lip… so trust me, I’ll have a few more funny ideas. :full_moon_with_face:

hmmm, you make a really compelling point…
I shall do some more searching but it looks like my best option would be to cross the us Canada border real quick to onterio for one of the red pins on the dt partner map but im not sure if that’s possible right now. (ya know, covid…)
EDIT: “Individuals traveling for medical purposes” are considered essential and therefor can cross. i think this could count as a medical procedure and therefore im good?

ill try to look into some more local piercing/bodymod places or maybe try amal’s advice in the meantime:

but the surgeon option seems… costly… the titan was already a stretch so if i can avoid going with what sounds like the most expensive installer, that would be nice…

I know I tend to repeat myself, but if you happen to be near Cologne in Germany, I can totally and whole-heartedly recommend Arnulf from Stigmata Inc. - Link is in my profile, he is very experienced, and just a wonderful person as well :heart_eyes:


Very jealous of all the wonderful modders / ease of travel in normal times you guys in Europe have!

I’m very grateful for all that, too - modding is legally possible in Germany, and one of the best guys in this job happens to live not so far from me. And he’s a nice guy I can entrust my life on, too :wink:
Only downside to that - makes it easy to spend a freakin’ lot of money on modifications :smile:

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it’s the fear of needing more MRIs for me.
Another magnet will come this way at some point when I am financially stable to say “okay ill get this, and if I need to get it removed for Imaging, it’s not the end of the world”

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Hello! I hope some of your concerns are eased by this forum.

I am curious how you came to this conclusion. I can see not having feeling back in your fingertip, but how would your finger be useless? Do you have a case study I can read?

I have 3 insensitive fingers, and while they’re usable, it’s very inconvenient: I never quite know if I grasp something properly - meaning I regularly drop things with my right hand - and I can’t feel it when I get burnt or when I cut myself.

On the flip side, I can’t feel it when I get burnt or when I cut myself :slight_smile:


I would agree. This is what I could see happening, but not full loss.

Titan backed up!!!



Looks like it’s not to far off from 77 magnets.