¿The VivoKey can actually generate Bitcoin wallet keys?

I have read this in the forum, and my question is how do I create a wallet in the vivokey? I have several wallets could I use my spark as a wallet?

There is an actual Vivokey forum, which may be a better place for your question.

you can also link your accounts.

Here’s the “how to” Amal put together

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I don’t understand, I ask some questions in Vivokey forum tell me to ask the questions in Dangerous Forum and other questions I ask in Dangerous tell me to ask them in Vivokey hahahahahhah So that I understand what things are spoken in each forum? What is the difference between them? Vivokey just talk about spark?

Pretty much, the focus of the Vivokey forum is the Vivokey:-
Spark 2
Flex One

Where as the DT forum is everything including Vivokey, but just more generalised


I don’t think the Spark currently supports Bitcoin. You would need a VivoKey Flex One with an applet from the Fidesmo service deployed on it. As detailed in that link you provided, you need a device that can generate cryptographic keys internally to have true security for your transactions.


Basically, yes. I have just replied to @aparekh’s post in the Vivokey Members forum with much the same response.