There will be blood shirt

If I put these on pre-order later this week… would you buy it for $25?

  • Yes :slight_smile:
  • No :frowning:

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Design A

Design B

Design C

  • Design A (logo above text)
  • Design B (logo under text)
  • Design C (logo chest pocket)

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Screen printed, or laser etched or something else?

this is the same screen print quality as our DT shirts on black hanes tagless shirt base

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It’s a promise, not a logo. It’s made by implanting razor blades into the t-shirt fabric, so when you put it on… There will be blood. :laughing: :drop_of_blood:

I like the logo, I am not sure about the text, and the poll didn’t have a maybe button. :thinking:

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I love the text. :drop_of_blood: :heart:
Also, I’d be happy with a huge DT logo at the back, but I guess the back side will stay unprinted.

oh sorry no… the DT text logo is on the back!

not a fan of the text font but id wear it regardless, I cant say much about design considering I wore a hoodie today that said “real men get pussy now show me your balls”

edit to note: it also has a picture of a dog on it and this hoodie is maroon red, to add flavour (and the text is yellow) dont even get me started on my beanie that says men want me fish fear me

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updated OP

what about putting the link to the website on the back - I love my DT Shirts with the logo on the fron and the link on the back :slight_smile:

QR code :thinking:

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look at this:

Whats the largest size?

I agree on the font. It doesn’t match the one in the logo, so it looks goofy to me.


I’m still down for a 3xl (regular design) IF you can get them in TALL.

Nobody likes plumber’s crack or hanging belly.


since this will likely be a limited run in a campaign style offering, we can go up to 6XL … but there might be some pricing differences for larger sizes… likely only a few bucks more.

so we don’t get sued :slight_smile:

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yeah not sure… base shirts will need to be explored a bit… i hate tags and tagless options are limited.

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Understandable. Depending on how much work ($$) you want to put into it, I feel you have a community here that wouldn’t mind a friendly competition for say an xSIID?

Best design wins an implant, community gets a chance to partake. Idk, I’m drunk tbh,

Edit: Mainly just cause I like a picture on a shirt.


There are many freely available fonts that don’t match the one in the logo but will work with the logo.

If you look at the text logo you will see at least two fonts plus what I suspect are a couple of custom characters. The D and a are custom but I suspect the rest are standard.

I think Bebas Neue (non pro which is allegedly public domain) looks like it would work.