Those who are backing the Titan - where are you implanting it?

I’m curious what everybody who’s planning to back the Titan is thinking towards placement.

I’m not sure yet if I’ll make the purchase - I guess it all depends if I can save up enough money to comfortably spend $500 before the campaign ends on October 15th.

Either way, I’m curious to where you guys are planning to install it. It’ll most likely be in my ring finger on my left hand, if I can get one.


Middle finger, both hands. I want it on the side of the finger / pad, on the outside, or RH side of the Right Hand and LH side of the Left Hand.

I think that’ll be the most protected and useful location for me personally.

I haven’t decided yet, and given how long it took to decide where to put the ones I already have, i’m glad I have some time to stress about it! hahaha

I think it’d be pretty cool to have one in each finger on 1 hand but considering how much just one cost that’s not gonna happen still debating on this though

Having it placed in the tip of my middle finger on my left hand, on the side of the pad away from my body. I’ve put my ring finger through two magnet breakdowns and I don’t think it can take any more.

The ring finger location is bad because the short length of the pinkie leaves a magnet in your ring finger wide open to impacts. The trade off with this new location is that my ring finger might rub against the magnet location on my middle finger and cause irritation.

My plan to deal with that is to install it on the corner of the finger if you will. In the edge, or under the pad (arrows) are both going to be irritated constantly. But, there’s a kinda sweet spot (green circle) that I wanna aim for where the magnet is mostly on the side of the finger, but not high enough to press against the ring finger.

That being said, I’d rather be closer to the edge than the pad. I work heavy tools with my hands frequently, and the pad is definitely no go territory.

Tbh, I’ll let my artist decide that, at least mostly… I plan to put it on my ring finger, rather left hand than right, but he knows my anatomy better than myself already… :wink: And he’s more routined on placing stuff and might know better what might lead to problems etc.

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I’m thinkin I’ll go for dominant ring finger on the outside.
Dominant hand because if I was going to reach out and touch or feel something that would probably be the hand I would use. If I’m adding a sense it makes sense to me to put it there.
Ring finger because that’s the general recommendation and index or middle fingers get used a lot for, well, finger things.

Ah yes, finger things, my favourite

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I’m curious about something: a flat disk-like magnet like the M31 or the upcoming Titan has poles oriented along the cylinder’s axis. So when it’s implanted, either the north of south pole faces orthogonal to the skin’s surface.

But in the case of the xG3, the implant is a long cylinder and the magnetic field lines are parallel to the skin. How does it attract anything from its side? Or rather, since it does practically, it must feel considerably weaker than it really is.

Yes this is part of the challenge of the xG3. Perhaps we shall explore diametrically magnetized rods for the xG3… hmm…

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But then you need a way to keep it oreinted with one pole “out”. As soon as it rolls you’re right back where you started.

With a little circuitry and a small electromagnet, I bet you could make that sucker SPIN!

I mean you just sorta answered your own concern there :slight_smile: … once healed up and safe inside it’s little encapsulation, the xG3 is free to spin… so as you approach an external magnet or ferromagnetic object, it will spin so whatever pole is suitable will be facing out.

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I’ll have to talk with my installer, but I’ll probably choose the usual spot.
Ring finger of non-dominant hand, on the side of the pinky, near the tip of the finger.
I’m not sure because of it’s size tho’, I wont install it soon and look what others say.

Oh that’s new to me. I knew the encapsulation wasn’t binding, but I had assumed the friction would hold it.

naa… we’re a soupy mess inside… lots of fluid to lubricate things adequately.

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Might be just me, but is this topic drifting to a strange direction?^^


I’m thinking left hand ring finger center pad or pinky side. I’m after sensing first with lifting secondary.
I’m new to magnets (NExT is my only implant) and scalpel installs, so lots of research is in order.
I’d rather take my time and do it right than rush it.

All advice is welcome.


That’s what I’m planning as well (provided my artist is okay with my anatomy for that spot…), but I’m not sure if it is a good idea to place it in the pad… I’d like to, too, but implants shouldn’t be placed in gripping areas, so I’m a little hesitant about it. Anyone having a magnet in the fingerpad?

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This is a little off topic, but do any existent magnet implantees (magnetrons?) have them in the karate-chop edge of the hand? Does the ulnar nerve have enough tactile corpuscles at that spot for that to be a good sensing magnet location?

I use my fingers a lot (guitar, electronics repair) and would rather not have the magnet pulling my strings :sweat_smile: