Thoughts about implantation

Hi I have bought NExT and I think about implantation. I drew something on my hand with my friends. Do you think it will be good? Otherwise I saw the videos and I read the instructions. :wink:

Thank you


That looks good, and looks like you have done you research.

Are you doing the implant yourself? having a friend implant it for you? or a piercer?
Main Points

  • Use aseptic techniques ( keep the area clean and hygenic )
  • Tent the skin
  • Insert needle Bevel down
  • Insert deep enough and slightly withdraw as you / installer push the plunger
  • Keep the area clean afterward

In any case
Have another read/ watch of:-
read ?

read ?

Watch Installation procedure Guide 1

Watch Installation Procedure Guide 2

Watch Needle insertion angle

How to approach a professional DT Info

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Thank you. I would like to apply it myself and use clamps. I know the theory of cross contamination. :slight_smile:

I would definitely recommend you get somebody to help you, or at the least be prepared to step in if you need a hand.
Good luck :syringe: :+1:

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Just saw you’re 14 - makes it a bit more fun (haha).

I did mine myself at 16/17. All I can really suggest is make sure you know where it goes, know what you can poke and what you can’t, and have a bit of trust in yourself. I have 2 and they’re amazing. Kinda bodged one but it came out fine. Good luck.

Would recommend at least having someone on standby. I personally tried to do mine myself but couldn’t push the needle in. Had a (meticulously cleaned) kitchen table set up and had to get my partner into the sterile field to finish it off.


How could it not be possible? Where was the problem? Pain? Weakness? Psychic block?

I don’t really think that is the point!
it could have been any number of things.
:syringe: Approach angle, placement, depth control, aliens landing their UFO in the backyard :alien:
The point is, you might want to consider having somebody there to help if you need it.
What you are trying to achieve is intended for two hands to do; yes it is possible with one hand, but definitely easier with two.
Good luck :open_hands:

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Closest I came to was self-preservation instinct. You’re wired not to hurt yourself, generally.