Thoughts on my back of hand Titan install

I’ve had my Titans in the backs of my hands for a little over two weeks now, and thought I’d give my impressions with them in case anyone else wants to go this route.

First, the left one is perfectly, and I mean perfectly placed. It sets between the metacarpals, and nestles down between them so that you’d have to know it was there to even find it (without a magnet or steel).

The right one got installed a little further towards the wrist. This was kinda my fault, as I had been messing with the cat about a week before the install, and cat scratches take a long time to heal. Pineapple didn’t want (understandably) to cut through an area that was still inflamed and possibly drag the infection deeper. So he started from a point a little farther back. End result it sits just barely on top of the metacarpals, and if I make a fist, it creates a very slight bump. I’m hoping that it works it’s way forward a bit, we’ll see.

I’ve been waiting and hoping to pick up some sensing ability, but nothing yet. Today I tried waving a wrench over it, and I could feel a little something if I got very close. It kinda felt like it was tickling the hair on the back of my hand. Then I realized that was exactly what was going on. Still no sensing. :disappointed:

They both have a decent amount of pull. Just for kicks, I put a 1/4 washer on each one today, and have had them there for a couple hours now. I think they might come off if I was swing a hammer hard or something.

I guess I’d rate the whole thing as an excellent install, in a poor location. I’d definitely consider putting an X series in one of the spots if I ever had the desire for another.

Still debating if I might have these yanked and moved somewhere else, or if I might just buy a couple more and have them installed giving me a 4 pack of Titan awesomeness.

We have some fairly powerful electromagnets at work, I might see if I can pick up a tingle near those sometime soon.

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I have a xG3 between 3rd and 4th metacarpal and find the back of the hand is not very sensitive at all. I mean pinch the skin on the back of your hand with your fingernail and you barely feel it. I may one day remove the xG3 simply because it’s not really useful for me…and occasionally migrates up between my knuckles. Maybe I can slide the flex into the pocket. lol.

Nice! Pics or it didn’t happen :wink:
In all seriousness, I was wondering how it went. How long was the appointment? How big is the incision? Did you stitch or glue?

I feel like I remember Rich saying it was MONTHS before sensing kicked in so you might need to be patient. Still, very cool!

Pics shortly.

I was in his studio for 30 minutes or so, but the actual procedure only took a few minutes. The dude is good.

Neither glue or stitches. It was done so precisely that a band aid covered it up, and I was told I could take it off in an hour. I left it on for about 6-7 hours.

Here’s hoping.

@MegaSTEAM The pics are from the day of. You can still see a little caked blood at the incision site.

The video is from today.


I’ve been considering the palm side hand L/R0

It’s been awhile now. Basically no sensation is felt. There’s a really strong series of electro magnets at work that I tried yesterday. I had to be within an inch or so to even get a hint of a tingle. Barely perceptable at 1/2 that range.

I’m gonna say that the back of the hand is not viable.

Now the question, do I pull them out and relocate? And if so, to where? I’d still want to avoid the fingers for all the previous reasons.