Thoughts on placement?

Just had my xnt tag installed yesterday and I’m wondering if it may be too far back on the hand, any thoughts as to whether or not this placement will pose an issue?

also when I got it to scan and tried to secure it with the dangerous things nfc app all I got was a blank message box that said “okay” is that all there is too it or am I missing something?, want to make sure my tag is protected.


You should of started a bit more forward from the incision. But that being said your placement is ok :+1:. You need to put some pressure on the wound due to “migration” put a bandaid with the end of a q-tip cut off over the wound. The chip will move forward and shouldn’t sit on the bone.

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Looks okay to me, as long as it doesn’t rattle against bony things :slight_smile: It might be a bit more inconvenient to present against a reader though.

In any case, it’ll shift position as your thenar muscle contracts and pushes it out of the way. Eventually, it’ll settle where and how it wants to be. Mine was implanted right on top of the muscle, and it moved almost half an inch downward, very close to my thumb metacarpal bone over the course of a month - and it seems happy where it ended up.

The other positive thing with the placement of your implant is, you have space left for a second one :wink:


More the merrier :wink:

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@nate I have to agree with Rosco and MouSkxy on placement and there definitely is room for one more if needed or wanted.

I extracted my Spark 2 because I installed it to deep and didn’t follow through by making the channel it needed for it to sit correctly in, All of which was my fault.

Download the NXP TAGINFO app
And look for the lock bits on page 2, Then you’ll know if its locked, I think that’s how it works @amal.

Keep us updated on the healing process.

Edit: Heres a link to a Post by The Great Leader :robot::

My Spark moved to exactly where yours is sitting now and I’ve had no issues at all. Comfortable, reads great, I wouldn’t worry about it.

Can you elaborate? Did you inject into the muscle what ended up happening?

Not completely sure if it went into the muscle, But when I cut it out it was in some pink tissue which I assumed was fatty tissue, But now that I think about it it might have been, I was happy with the position of it but the readability was poor with a case on, I understand these phone manufacturers put the nfc transceiver in as an afterthought.
Because it was deeper (probably in the muscle) I could feel it alot more and that was another reason for removal, But it wasn’t unbearable.
Heres a video of the removal:

And heres a pic of the new location:
Got a nice lesson in needle lubrication after that reinstall.
The bruise is in circle.
I had a blood draw yesterday and the lady said their needles aren’t lubricated, I was surprised cause I thought they were.

Thanks for the share. It looked like an episode of Dr. Pimple Popper :volcano:

Because you said “deep” plus diminished readability and being able to feel it more, also the angle it came out, I would also GUESS it was in the muscle.
What did you use to re-sterilise it?

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Generous amounts of 90% Rubbing alcohol which is what washed off the lubricant.

Speaking of the lubricant,

Does anyone know what kind of lubricant is used on the DT injectors?.

I noticed the Xled needle I used recently to practice with for Future Apex Flex installs smelled like J-Jelly.

It’s “Dow Corning 360 Medical Fluid”… I thought that was a joke when we were first researching it, but that’s actually what it’s called… otherwise known as polydimethylsiloxane.

Alcohol also does another thing… it completely dries out skin, making it “tacky”… so an unlubricated needle trying to make it’s way through properly cleaned and very “tacky” skin is basically a nightmare.

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Okay so, I gotta ask… no glove? I was a bit surprised to see you pick up the chip with your bare fingers in the video.

And since I assume you reinstalled it yourself and you speak of cleaning with alcohol, do I deduce you kept the original syringe and used it to reinject the implant?

I kept the syringes my own implants came in - mainly to show potential future implantees what they’re looking at getting poked at with should they wish to go ahead. But when I look at the caked dry blood and dodgy stuff that’s left on the inside of the needles and on the plungers, personally I would never reuse them, even if I left them to soak 3 days in alcohol. That just seems too much of an infection risk. If that’s what you did, I’d say you’re pretty brave.

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It does sound funny, Thank you.

It was like being dragged through
Hell and back.

The gloves that come in the Kits aren’t sterile, so I just toss them to the side, At that point I’m more comfortable with bare hands
As long as they’re sterile, Which is where the 90% Rubbing alcohol comes into play.

Yes and Yes, As long as its Sterile.

I want to point out that DT strongly recommends we go to
A professional and I do as well.

As for myself I’m more comfortable Doing it myself.

I don’t recommend anyone do their own installs, If you hit a blood vessel and cant stop the bleeding you’re in big trouble,
DT and myself are not responsible for that, Period.

it looked to me like he did a pretty good job if not touching the actual wound site… actually not bad and probably more dexterous with no gloves on vs gloves. I’d probably have done the same thing it I was removing a tag from myself.

good idea… and also the needle edges of the bevel (the cutting edges) dull pretty quickly.

I can imagine… it’s pretty rough even with lubricant.

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