Xg3 Finger Install and Healing report

Todays update :blush:

Now it is quite seeable from the outside.

Im not 100% happy with the Position - i wish it was a bit more to the outside so its not in my “gripping area” but now its there :slight_smile:

I think its not too Bad - even when it breaks at some point i just have to be Kind of quick to remove it.

All in all i am really happy that this magnet is now part of me <3


My Phone Cam is really shitty :sweat_smile:

Thats the best i can do with it

The focus is kind of broken so i have to move the cam back and forward to get stuff in focus i want



Healing is making good progress

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That looks awesome! Good job on the installation and after-care.


So another small update.

The sensing capabilities got quite better!

I can feel my electric cooker now when i get close to it (no induction - just 12A Passung an heating element) - even through an pan ~ 10 cm above the plate i can feel it.

Also if i go near to the cable of the dishwashing machine i can feel it quite well (i have to nearly touch the cable.)

Im really happy with it <3

Thanks to the DT Crew and all of you!

Have a great New year.


The Skin peeling on the Finger has nothing to do with the magnet - at least not in first place.

The Horn Skin is just peeling off because i used the hand so little in the last weeks (normally i work a lot with my hands)


So i want to roll this out again :slight_smile:

Im planing to do more installs in the future - i want to learn on and improve my skills and sterility

Comment from Reddit

***okay, so i had to think for a little bit about if i should leave this up or take this down. first of all i want to say that this guy did an absolutely wretched job of of pretty much everything in this video. he isnt even wearing gloves and his procedure was worse than getting a piercing gun piercing from a mall kiosk.

there are too many things to list but if you want to go about doing this on your own(not recommended) take this video of a prime example of what not to do. i mean. on a wood table covered in garbage and random shit, no gloves(even though you fucking had one)…

i know when you take a shit and you wash your hands you think they are clean but… your needle was probably in to shallow, if you didnt suture it it might just fall out. my partner is a piercer with a over decade of experience and has also witnessed this procedure dozens of times and has been trained how to install them… and i started this sub. this made both twitch. you probably want to keep an eye out for infection/rejection.

"All of the procedures I have witnessed have taken about 3 seconds to complete and have had little to no bleeding. If you contact the manufacture of this devise they will refer you to a qualified modification artist for installation, many of whom travel and perform modifications. In the video the person says the hit a blood vessel… Every square milometer of your body has blood vessels, because every cell uses the circulatory system for cellular respiration. The lack of any form of hygiene and multiple instances of cross contamination are concerning. If you go to a qualified modification artist, you may think it “looks easy” and that you can “do it yourself” when what you really are seeing is a knowledgeable and experienced practitioner performing a procedure effectively. I find it highly unethical to post content like this online, especially without a disclaimer stating that this DIY person has no qualifications, no experience, no idea what they are doing, and that nobody should ever view this as an example to follow"

-A Professional body piercer with 13 years of experience

if this doesn’t get fucked up you got lucky and was not an example of a proper successful install.

im going to leave this up for discussion but ugh…***

Was it really that bad?

in my opinion (of course - if not i would have done it different :sweat_smile:) the sterility was okay (except the missing gloves but i didn’t touched the wound or the needle)

and the installation angle and deepness seemed perfect to me


if i would have used Gloves and a big sterile sheet it would be better(and saver)? (next time i can do that easily - now they arrived) beside the powder on the gloves i didn’t really felt save having a sheet of rubber between my hand and the injector - but that is probably just a thing in my brain and the grip and feeling shouldent change much or even improve)

Note: I have no medical experience what so ever, but I’ve seen quite a few similar discussions regarding sterility / self-installation on here or in the Discord server before. In addition - I in no way recommend self-installation, and I would have wanted to see this be professionally installed. Saying that, some thoughts:

In this case, since the main thing gloves are for is protecting the installer, gloves are more likely to give a false sense of security than anything else. Saying that, if you’re handling a flex device or xSeries implant directly, it might be a good idea to use sterile gloves, unless you’re very very sure about your scrubbing technique. That’s one thing to note - unless they were sterile gloves put on correctly, they could very well be even worse than properly washed hands.

The main thing would be making very sure that your gloves fit you properly. For example, surgical gloves usually come in 7 or 8 sizes, vs the standard 5 or 6.

Maybe this was the case - but clearly it hasn’t fallen out. That’s something that they don’t have or perhaps haven’t look at - pictures of the healed installation. Sure, almost certainly you were lucky, and I’m surprised it went so well, but that doesn’t change the fact that so far, it seems to have healed quite well.

And yeah… a disclaimer would have been nice, ideally in the video as well as in title and/or description.

Honestly, I feel the main issue here is the lack of respectful communication on their part - if you look back to when you were asking question about doing it, there were many people here who said similar / the same things. I think the difference is that people here conveyed it in a better way. Some of the concerns we had were addressed (you didn’t use Ketamine for example), and some weren’t :man_shrugging:.

At the end of the day, whats done is done, and you have a magnet in your finger. Probably just don’t go around recommending others to do the same :slight_smile:. From your reddit comment, it seems you already understand this / that a disclaimer is a good idea, which is good to see.

I’m hoping that those with a bit more medical / installation / sterile technique experience also weigh in - there were quite a few things that I don’t know enough about to address. To those with more experience: please correct me / pull me up if I’ve put any incorrect information out there, that is not my intention and I too would like to learn more.

Some threads to look at:


I have 3 comments:

•First and foremost: You lucky F****!! Healed nice :+1:
•You nailed the placement :+1:…I mean :vulcan_salute:
•I’m also that type who learns the hard way… :man_shrugging:


This made me cringe a bit.
There is no such thing as “ok sterility”. It’s either sterile or not sterile.
“90% sterile” means that it’s contaminated. period.

In your case it was not a sterile environment, and so one might say “you got lucky.”

That being said, the cleaner your environment, the lower chance of getting an infection.

But that’s what it boils down to: chance.

(Imagine you had a vasectomy/sterilization job that was 90% functional. “I probably won’t get a baby, but I might”)

Also, reading all the good advice you received before your procedure especially considering the possibility of nerve damage, I’d say yeah. You definitely got lucky.

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This is a very common misconception.

Gloves do NOT improve sterility.
In fact most gloves hinder you more than help, in case of a self install.

Gloves serve to protect contamination to and from the installer to the “client”. when both are you, it becomes pointless…

Honestly, people should start to think of gloves more like “finger condoms” than “sterility McSterileFace thingies”…


Sterile fields are a misnomer.

  1. In most cases they are not actually sterile.
  2. They are there to make so that if you fluke, it’s less bad. But if you do everything right, then having a sterile field or a muddy floor beneath your hands will make literally no difference.

I think this sums up both aspects very well:

What is really important is to use some enzymatic soap to do your scrub!

Also, I have to agree with @DonFire and many others:

Mostly because piercing (and similar) is an art that looks like it’s so simple and easy, if seen from outside, that people without experience will not have a single clue about what can actually go wrong!

But then it’s a gamble.

And if an unexperienced self-instalee gets particularly unlucky, it can even end up in the news and fuck up the lives of everyone else wanting some implants…

In your case, it wasn’t a particularly heinous install, but was a very big gamble.

As in… there wasn’t anything terribly wrong with your approach, but there wasn’t anything good with it either.

The reason behind most of the practices in piercings/installs are not there to “make it work”. They are there to “reduce the chance of failure”.
And I haven’t seen any of your actions actually mitigating risk.

So I am glad you are attempting to find what could you have done to improve.

Going a bit further, I think the worst things came out after your implant. When the magnet was still under a delicate phase and you were already hanging things in it and going to the microwave.
Those were the worst things you did, I dare say.

But again… glad you got lucky.


I wasn’t really happy with the way you did it, judging from the pictures - but since I already lectured you quite a bit during your first thoughts about the install, I decided to keep quiet. After all, you were lucky and everything seems to be going fine.

That said - you were lucky. This was pretty similar to those reckless self-installs some grinders did in their living room, desinfecting stuff with vodka and just hoping nothing will go wrong - well, not exactly that bad, but you get the vibe :wink:

Gloves are something not exactly necessary on a self-install, like others already stated, but I just have to add that powdered gloves are more often than not a really bad idea, becaue the powder will end up everywhere - and real sterile gloves, single packaged and all, are not that easy to put on correctly, like DonFire said. Same as working with a sterile field - if you know how, that’s a fine thing, but that again requires training. If you’re not trained in it, it will be of no use or even a bad idea because of a wrong feeling of safety.

In your first thread, I was really surprised by your statement that you could, without any training, work “as sterile as a pro”, and I think by now you realised that this was just plain wrong - your setting wasn’t sterile, most likely not even close to. It’s okay if you know that and are willing to take the risks involved (since it only has an impact on yourself), but it would not be so okay if you would run around telling others to do the same, because it worked on you. But I think you are aware of that :wink:

And, like Eyeux said, and I couldn’t agree more:

There are some reasons why being a trained piercer or bodmod-artist involves, well, training. I’m pretty sure I could do some basic piercings on myself, yep, but I’m equally sure it won’t be near as sterile or perfectly-placed like it would be if my piercer does it. So I visit my beloved professionals and, in a way, honor their art and skill by paying for it.

Another little thing to keep in mind (and yes I know, I’m repeating myself on that point…): Let’s all try to keep potential fuck-ups to a minimum, since bad publicity will affect us all.


I’ve said it before and I aint saying it all again but the instal in terms of keeping a sterile field was very poor. In the install kits there is a sterile drape and everything should be opend in and onto that at the time of install. I’m glad you didn’t get an infection but that definatly seems to have been more luck that skill/judgment.

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one month since this Beast is inside me :crazy_face:

It looks like it has healed up nicely

:syringe: :magnet: :point_up_2:t2:


Obligatory thats what she said comment.


so today i learned -

  1. EMLA patch did NOTHING on my finger tip(WTF???)
  2. my finger is not thick enough to get an xg3 into without it scratching at the bone.
  3. removing it right after left a great scar - chicks dig scars, right? … right?

You removed your xG3 from your finger after attempting an install?

If so, that’s a yikessssss :face_vomiting:

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Oh no!

Where an when does it get installed now?

as i was super disappointed in myself, i cleaned it (and myself) and shoved it under one of my tattoos - my Decepticon shield is now a little more attractive.

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i did, it hurt like a motherfather