Tips for becoming a cyborg

Hi Guys,

I am really exited that I will get my Walletmor implant soon. I think it is really futuristic and really cool
to pay with stuff with your hands. I was wondering , are there any other things that can make my life easier? I have read about xEM chip , can they store multiple card tags or only 1 at a time? If so , does there already exist a solution that can store multiple data and has its own memory of tags that cycles trough each one? Or do I need like 10 chips for each card/fob key I have :smile:

P.s Anyone that knows places In belgium that does implants? Closest one is in “Tillburg , the netherlands” for me. I live around the city of Ghent.

Thanks for the help!

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Others will help more than I.

But list what cases you want to use it in, and people can be more helpful.

Depending on the system, you could use 1 chip UID for 10 systems.

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Here’s a good analogy (or at least I think so)

You can setup lots of different locks to all use the same key, but you have to have the ability to change those locks around

The uids on the chips are similar, you can enroll the same Id on multiple systems, but if you aren’t allowed or able to… you might need more than one chip… just like having more than one key

The brilliant mind that he is, Rosco discovered this

There are a couple of clauses, but if you read through his post all should come clear

If not just ask…

@SnarkBe is from Belgium and may be able to give you some advice

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Depending on how far you’re willing to travel (I travelled to Gent for a festival once, and it didn’t seem that far^^), you might want to visit the bodmod artist that did my installs - he’s routined with scalpels and sutures and regularly does implants and other funny stuff. He’s located in Cologne, the link to his homepage is in my profile :wink:

I also thought about this, but I think a lot of company policies won’t allow you to use your own shizzle for things like entering a building or unlocking stuff. I could always try but I should not get my hopes up that they will do that :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for linking the post. I suppose that the tags have to be of the same type in order to store together right? Like you could possible store 2 different EM41xx tags on the chip but when another type of card comes into play it will only show the last new card? I don’t know a lot about different cards yet , i am still new to the “tag card/fob key industry” :smiley:

But thank you all for the quick replies at least!!

My 2cents?

If you’re worried, and have more than one use case, get a couple

It’s pretty hard to make a single implant work for everything, so why not just get more than one and cover all your bases in one go?

I did and I’m pretty happy so far :wink:

Haha , maybe I should.
Il start with one and see how it goes :slight_smile:
What a time to live in

Hi! The closest I know of is in Maastricht so also in the Netherlands. It’s about the same distance from you as Tilburg.