Titan Artwork Ideas?

With the Titan magnets coming along, I thought it might be fun to spitball some artwork ideas. For the monogram. Don’t know if it’ll be more than just letters / numbers, but maybe somebody will find inspiration.

What about a tiny picture of the Titanic?

Seeing as I’m getting two, I thought about numbering them 1, and 2, in binary. Or 01 and 10 for those who don’t speak base2.

O and D for ODaily?

Thought about the DT logo on one, and the DT logo in photo negative on the other.

How bout it, got any ideas?

oooh, what about the power button symbol? For those that don’t know, that’s binary numbers too. It’s a 1 and a 0, superimposed on each other.




De-railing my own thread, so that’s a thing.
In electrical speak, a wire (or other electrical thingy) that has an electrical charge on it is represented by a 1. While a wire (or other electrical thingy) that has no charge is represented by a 0. This is where the 0101001001011010 that you see on Tv shows comes from. (It does actually look like that in real life, but you rarely see it used.)

For mind = blown, go look at the gas gauge on a new-ish-ery car. Full is 1, Empty is 0. Proof that all forms of engineering overlap.

Also, the little triangle next to the pump symbol tells you which side the gas hole is on.

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming…

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im thinking of getting "PROPERTY OF UK GOVT. CHIP NO, 4391


I think something along the lines of
“If you can read things, things have gone very wrong”

Would be pretty funny


I totally got your point just by looking at the pic. (And I :sparkling_heart: it!!!)
My only constructive criticism, as geek would be to turn the equation, if your intention is to define power.
so: Φ=1+0
If you rather explain the process then leave it as is.

It reminds me of the Robert Mangold circle (1972) —google it!
That is a dense piece of artwork, if you have the mind frame for that, same as yours, and take it as a massive compliment!

I have titanium plate metal now to do some testing once the laser setup arrives. We will see just what detail and resolution we can pack into 4.5mm


This maybe?

For a bit of surrealism, and to confuse the hell out of a future archeologist finding the object in your grave.


Hehe, for obvious reasons, I like that :wink:

Kinda like the “ignore this sign”-sign?

Honestly, I’m thinking a lot about what I’d like on my magnet… still got no clue. I think it will be a symbol rather than words (simply because of the size), currently thinking about nordic runes maybe? Hmmmm… :thinking:


How about, “To find out how to keep an Archeologist busy for hours, turn this magnet over.” on both sides.

As a non titan backer,
I’m confused why people are spending this much energy on something you’ll never see again

Not unlike etching your name on a x series tube


It is about the principle of it for me.

Sure, no one may ever see it, or know. I will though. That is all that matters to me.


I don’t get it either.

But there is one thing: anything you do in life eventually vanishes into thin air when you snuff it and no-one remembers you. So why not do this? :slight_smile:


Because we can.
Who tf else has a laser etched picture on his implants huh?


I have a manufacturer name and serial number on my knee prosthesis - or so I’ve been told - but it’s not like I can brag about it :slight_smile:


Wow what really a number, dude that’s epic. Whoooah.

You just did, and it worked.

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I think that’s standard: all prostheses are marked that way.

Also, I don’t know what’s written on it and it bothers me somewhat.


hmmm. I would think so too. Then if it fails in another part of the world, they can at least look up the lot # and compare.

it says, “Breezy Kneesy”

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It probably says “Replace by 2006”. I got that hardware in 1986 and it was supposed to last 20 years. I’m way overdue for revision surgery. But I’m being careful to make it last, to avoid spending all my cartridges too soon, and since it’s still fully functional and not (too) painful…

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I actually wonder if there are lot numbers on yours. I feel like that might not have been standard back then.