Titan crowdfunding campaign is announced

Some people, such as myself, aren’t really comfortable in that format. If you are, great, more power to you. But, I think I’ll stay here.

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I may sit out and just order when I wake up. That is 0100 hours my time.

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Yes it’s just the minimal amount. I’ve asked since I get the rest of the money tomorrow :slight_smile:

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Considering there’s been no apex release, and users got a product from Flex Beta (and the offer of a refund once the issues became clear), can out elaborate?

Then again, it’s late and I could be misinterpreting you.

I was implying that Amal would be getting flashbacks to the Apex chips because to quote @ODaily people are always asking:

Is it ready?
Is it done yet?
Can I order now?
Are you there Amal?
I need Apex, when is it available?
I really really need you to reply.
Is it ready NOW???

in “desperation” for a payment implant with no expiry.

Hopefully that clears it up :slight_smile:


I really appreciate the response, im not so worried about making extra cuts just that i dont really know where else to put a sensing magnet

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Hahahah fair enough

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