Titan vs xG3 - which to chose

I’m surprised there isn’t already a post about this, but

what are the pros/cons of the Titan compared to the xG3?
Is one better for sensing/lifting?
What justifies the price difference and installation complexity?
does anyone have both?

XG3 V1 or V2? One is better for sensing the other for lifting. You are comparing three magnets here, not two.

I know, I mean:
Which is better for sensing? Titan or xG3 Axial? and
Which is better for lifting? Titan or xG3 Diametric?

In both cases the titan I guess :slight_smile:

I think that all we know is theoretical knowledge and not tested in real life tests.

As soon as my titan is healed I can compare them since I have a xg3 and a titan in my fingers.

I also think it really depends on the kind of field.

There are some fields I can sense with my axial and not with the diametric and the other way too.

I need to start documenting which fields (from which device/source) I can feel with which magnets.

The same goes for the not fully healed titan. On some fields it goes crayz and I can feel nothing with the xg3s and on some fields I can just sense it with the xg3 v1 and nothing with the titan.

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Ok, cool. Be sure to check back in when you have more to share :slightly_smiling_face:

Do you know what the theoretical benifits of the titan are? So far I would pick a G3 for the easier install and lower price I think

The general consensus is that the Titan is the best sensing magnet out of the 3, but is also the hardest to install. The xG3 V1 is better then the V2 for sensing, but not as good as the titan. The V2 is the weakest of the bunch for sensing, but does the strongest lifting.

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So for sensing:

  1. Titan
  2. XG3 V1
  3. XG3 V2

For lifting:

  1. XG3 V2
  2. Titan
  3. XG3 V1

But the Titan is the hardest to install of the 3.


xg3 v1 lifts more then the titan. (i think so) (proof me wrong)

According to the xG3 Lifting Showdown:

  • xG3 v1 lifted 7 paperclips (approximately 7g)
  • xG3 v2 lifted 30 paperclips (approximately 30g)

does anyone know the lifting capacity of the titan?
(I know, not very scientific, maybe we could get another round of testing from all 3?)


did you ever find out how many paperclips the titan lifted?