Toy Tesla coils and overpowered readers

Hi all,

I’ve recently gotten myself two new gadgets, and have two different questions:

I have a new NFC reader, that can light up my xSIID from a just over a couple of inches away, which is quite impressive, is there any real risk of damaging the chip? It’s a Digital Logic one with an ‘rf booster’. Chips are xSIID and Apex.

I’ve also got a cheap little kit for a DIY tesla coil, are they likely to do anything that’d damage an Apex or an xSIID? It is one of the tiny ones that can be had for a few bucks.

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Got a link? Mostly out of interest, but also, how could it be deemed safe without details?

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shouldn’t be any risk of it from this reader.

which one exactly?

Based on my experience testing this stuff I’m pretty confident it won’t damage your chips (maybe an xLED). Maybe I’ll get one and test it out


My bad, I’m not quite with it at the moment.

It’s along these lines, I needed to add something cheap to an order to get free shipping and this seemed like a bit of fun.

The DL533R, the IP54 one Buy PC/SC RFID Smart Card Reader Writer - DL533R CS IP54

So far, I’m pretty impressed with it, I plan on doing a proper review post at some point. It lights up my NTAG I2C card from a fair distance. (80-90mm vs the ~70 of my ACR122U)

I can’t find any actual details on the ‘RF booster’ though.

Thats a nice reader.

we do have a review of the smaller DL533R so this would be a nice accompaniment