Tutorial Implants Project

Hello everybody, I realize that those of us who are new to implants, sometimes we don’t know what each implant is for, what uses it can take, what applications should be used, hardware that should be used, software that should be used, there is a wide variety of implants, It would be interesting to create documents for each one and that could be updated.
In my case I have the spark1 but soon I will receive other implants
NExT - NTAG216 13.56MHz NFC Type 2 ISO14443A RFID

NExT - 125 kHz T5577 chip emulator

Spark 2 - 13.56MHz NFC Type 4 ISO14443A RFID

xM1 - Mifare 1k “Magic” gen1 emulator 13.56MHz

Because I am a newbie, I would not want to do something wrong and that an implant would be blocked and I could not use it

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You would be hard pressed to block or “brick” an implant. I’ve never seen one truly unrecoverable because the user was messing around. Here’s an idea of the minimum and maximum level tools for each type of implant.

High Frequency

  • Min
    • Smartphone: not all NFC antennas are created equal. Check this thread
  • Max
    • ACR122U: USB card reader, great antenna performance. Need to use a program like NFC Tools desktop. There are many knock-offs with poor performance, so be wary
    • Proxmark3: High barrier to entry, but this is the one of the best tools for this type of tag manipulation. Need to hook up the included HF antenna.

Low Frequency

  • Min
    • Chinese Cloners: These will get the job done, but you have to be very careful about “tearing” of the data due to poor coupling. See this thread
  • Max
    • Proxmark3: If you want to do any complex LF cloning/configuration then you need a proxmark. DT has a specially designed LF antenna for the Proxmark3 rvd4 that couples well with the implants. Ask questions about it on these forums.