UA Pro lock worked with onenof my implants

Edit: I see others have posted on this as well now.

I went to an Escape Room and they had a lock that looked as though it could scan. I tried it and it said “Invalid code” soooo. It must be good for the Vivokey or my NFC. They are too closely installed for me to tell which one triggered it.

Looks like as good a place as any to ask what the current state of Unifi Access compatibility is looking like.

There are a couple loose threads:

I have a Unifi’d home, and a UA Access Hub but not got a reader or actual lock hardware yet (UK multipoint locks are a royal pain, I’m currently using Connexis L1’s and hate them with a passion).

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It works with xsiid, xnt, and flexUnifi. Im sure it’s compatible with more implants, those are just the only ones i have

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Assuming xsiid and xnt are just reading UUIDs?
Would love an apex applet, as improbable as that may be, although it’ll be nice to get a bit more use out of my xNT.

Yes, any implant besides the flexUnifi conversions will only use UID, which tbh is secure enough in context

The lite reader works much better. The pro reader can read things like the xnt but it’s super picky on placement to the point of not being useful.

But of course. :crown:

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