Ubiquiti Access control

Ubiquiti access control system that works with “almost any NFC device or card” haven’t tried it out but I know a lot of places use their stuff

Cool, If I can dig out some more information on that, I will add it to the compatibility matrix

@Pilgrimsmaster If you scroll down on the page under Technical Specifications it says the Access Reader Pro and Access Reader Lite are compatible with the following

13.56 MHz
ISO 14443A, 14443B, 15693
NFC Tag 1, 2, 3, 4, 4
MIFARE Classic

Thank you, I hadn’t even looked at it yet but that saves me some time, cheers

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There are two ways to “work with any NFC device”: use the common lowest denominator (UID), which is not secure, or only work with secure chips and implement all the necessary software to actually use the secure features. Guess which one it is?

And there we have it :slight_smile:

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