Un able to use RFID side of NeXT Implant

Hello, I have had my NeXT implant for over a year and decided to try using the RFID side. I tried using a Proxmark Easy to read it, but was unable to.
Using the ‘lf tune’ command I saw that the voltage did not drop, but the frequency did drop from 26450 to 26270.
LF Tune Before:
Screenshot 2024-06-10 at 1.58.51 PM
LF Tune After:
Screenshot 2024-06-10 at 1.59.47 PM

The NFC I can read and did drop voltage with ‘hf tune’ from 64 to 60.

I put some pen ink on where my implant is, I know that I’m aligning it correctly with the field.

Tried to write directly to the chips sections multiple times, and using a spare working t5577 card to do the restore command, still no response.

Got any ideas or fixes I can try?

Try sliding your implant across the edge of the coil to see if that gets you a lower voltage in lf tune.


Alignment can be pretty tricky… Here’s an example I put together:

What sort of voltage drop do you get with your t5577? If it’s similar to the example, then we can rule out proxmark issues and focus on implant alignment.


Here is me sliding it across the coil. Only the frequency drops a bit, not the voltage.

Used ‘lf tune --mixed’ to show it better

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Hmm, it looks like you’re just working the same position with the same orientation and you’re moving quite fast. Can you try something similar to what I did?

Did you verify that you’re getting a voltage drop with the t5577? Or, better yet, verify that it reads it?

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I hope this answers the question better.

That first number is millivolts, not frequency

These tags operate at 125kHz

Said another way, you are seeing a voltage drop, it’s just tiny


Oh thanks for clarifying that, I guess I did not think that through.
Any ideas as to why I cant read though?

Do you have another LF credential to try? Such as the T5577 card that came with the PM3?

I think that’s what @tac0s was trying to get you to try :classic_smile:

That way we can figure out if it’s a problem with the PM3 reading LF entirely or just your implant

They had luck with the card in the last video. I’m not convinced that small of a voltage drop is anything more than noise. :thinking:

I ended up having an easier time holding and positioning the proxmark rather than moving the implant around, personally. The only reason I lifted my hand was that I saw the voltage drop and was trying to show the orientation that was working for me.

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Ah, I had missed that, my bad

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I have heard from one other person that they had a lot of trouble getting a proxmark to read there RFID implant. The flipper zero worked well for them.

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Do you still have your field detectors? They can be helpful for visualizing orientation.


i am FAR from an expert but i put the pm3 in a sandwich bag because i was touching one of the bolts and that kept dropping the voltage for the tune

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Me also

Try picking up the PM3
Press the antenna firmly and perpendicularly across theNExT ( Also, with some playing, you’ll be able to work out which end is LF and which is HF) and once you learn it, reading will be easier.

This is the perpendicular you are aiming for, and move



I have done as you all suggested, using field vitalizers and everything.

And it turns out holding the center of the implant directly on center of the copper was the issue, holding one side closer to the coil than the other finally caused it to work.

Makes sense because the RFID’s coil is on one side of the implant.

Thanks for all your attempts to help me!



It is almost always a placement / coupling issue

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I have an RVD4 and getting it to play nicely with my xEM is not that easy. But I have yet to have a reason to clone a tag to my hand.

Right now, I’m not using this chip because I ended up moving to another country but I should build an RFID toolbox or something.