Uncle Amal wants you

Photoshop challenge… put my face into this poster

With the words I want YOU for the Cyborg Army



Ah, I would rise up to the challenge, but unfortunately I don’t use Photoshop :slight_smile:

Also, I gotta get my sorry ass to work right now.

Oh sorry… I was using photoshop as a xerox or kleenex type word… gimp it up then :wink: You know, once you get to work and can dedicate yourself to the task over earning a living :slight_smile:

My work is cool, I can do side things (as you well know :slight_smile:) . But sadly I have to fix a bug in one of our production-critical test equipment today, and I doubt the guys would take it took kindly if I went into my office to draw stuff. Also, I don’t have my Wacom at work, so it’s a lot slower. But yeah, I’ll have a crack at it tonite.

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Hmm… lemme just twist this little dial over here…

Now how do you feel Canadian aboot it?

I lived in Toronto, so a small part of me feels Canadian. No need to turn the dial :slight_smile: Even more so since I moved to Finland and winter comes in fact: same weather, more trees.

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I’m workin’ on it, should get it posted in a few minutes :slight_smile:

Wasn’t sure if you wanted the text at the bottom as well. This is a bit quick and dirty, and matching the font was a little tricky. Feel free to let me know if you want anything else added to it.


@darthdomo got me beat by a mile but here is my controbution.

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Now that I’ve given the boring photoshop, I tried to use everyone’s favorite magnifying glass image. Combined with my awful blending skills, the result is, well, interesting…


@ThePolishedTurd I hope you don’t mind, I liked your implanting station idea, so I added it to mine.

That looks awesome!

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Complete plagerism :raised_hands: But
I wondered what it would look like with some texture options

A bit of aging / fading

Maybe a DT logo in place of the star on the hat :man_shrugging:

Version with DT Logo (fixed, realized the background got shifted, plus fixed rotation slightly):

EDIT: Also, a little tip. It’s still proprietary sadly, but Photopea is a fantastic free online editor, that copies photoshop features pretty much exactly. It’s what I use for small edits, it’s identical to photoshop in workflow. Works great. I want to love GIMP, but I just can’t get used to it, and it’s still missing a few key features for me.


Shitty job, but a different approach
I really should dust off my Photoshop tablet

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Note to self… cyborgs are terrible at deep fakes


Me neither.
That’s what Photopea is here for! :wink:
or Gimp.

But @darthdomo beat me to it! (and for the better! his work was pro!

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@amal Please I need a good picture from you, that I can play with photoshop :slight_smile:


With so many talents at work here, I ain’t got nothing to do this evening after all :slight_smile:

oh I want to see your version anyway! I have a feeling it’d either be flawless, or hilarious

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