Unusual xMagic installation opportunity

A couple of weeks ago I had a fairly serious motorbike accident a few days prior to a planned xMagic instalment.
One of the resulting injuries was a broken bone in my right thumb. This has forced me to rely heavily on my left hand while the right heals so I became reluctant to place the chip there. Given that I already have a wandering chip that may have been caused by the fact that I never stopped using that hand during the healing process I reluctantly postponed.
But… …then I got to thinking: the right thumb is healing under a splint held in place with a bandage that holds it at the correct angle with the hand. I have to have the bandage changed when it gets dirty. If I exploit that moment for popping the xMagic into R0 I can let the whole hand heal while it’s blocked by the bandage and splint.
Did it today and couldn’t be happier with this solution!
The cherry on the cake is that in a month’s time the hospital want me back for an X-ray to check if the bone has set correctly. I’m looking forward to the puzzled looks when they find the stowaway!


“i dont know how to tell you this but you have a mass in your hand”

“well i don’t know how to tell YOU this but i put it there”


“No doctor, I sent a miniaturised submarine down there to check out the progress. I got the idea from a documentary I once saw.”


“oh thats just ms frizzle and the magic school bus”




Yup! A bike crash is what all the cool kids are doing these days to get an X-ray of their chip placement!

Hey dude, I am sorry to hear about your bike accident. As a fellow rider I know how that feels :frowning: I wish you a fast recovery! Congratulations on your new install.


I knew my gossamer skin was good for getting readings but 3 days in I wasn’t expecting to get a response from both frequencies through the skin, bandaid, bandages and interference from the nearby aluminium splint!

One happy Lab Rat! :rat:


Based on my experience the antenna of the flipper is amazing. I can read my freshly seated implant from 3 mm away from the skin + mine also have a silicon case(so add 1.5mm more). I also played with the diagnostic led keychain tool to see where antenna of the flipper is. You nailed it, it’s right under the right side of the display, between the display and the navigation weel. I use that as a pointer. Yesterday I did the first write on the lf side, with the flipper. For comparison Proxmark3 rdv4.1 with stock antenna is complete nightmare. if I swap the stock with the one made for implants it works better, with hi-range lf, it works best. I still have some inflammation and swelling from the install and me playing with the implant positioning it where I like it to be.

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How’s that healing going?

Are you still able to read you xMagic?

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It’s going grrrrrrrreat! Thank you for asking.

After 10 days the entrance wound has all but disappeared and the xMagic is not wandering about like his NTAG216 brother over in the left hand. Because it’s nestled beside the splint from my broken thumb I am forced to let it heal undisturbed.

Still getting good reads from both chips and even getting an easy read from an animal chip reader.

If I ever get lost I can give myself up at a vet’s clinic and wait for my family to claim me.

I had another fun moment with a doctor who I went to see about a problem with the retina in my right eye (fortunately not damaged during the accident as initially thought).

:stethoscope:: “You should take this supplement to help the retina heal”
:rat:: “I’m already taking Prenatal supplements. Should I stop?”
:stethoscope:: “WTF are you taking Prenatal supplements for?!”
:rat:: “I put microchips in my hands.”
:stethoscope:: “… ?! …”

:cricket: :cricket: :cricket: :cricket: :cricket: :cricket: :cricket: :cricket: :cricket: :cricket:


You’re taking the whole lab rat thing too seriously… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: