The Wandering Chip

Edit: I have re-encoded this video because for some people it was reading as an audio-only file and others couldn’t read it at all. It should be full video and audio now :crossed_fingers: Please let me know if it still has problems. :rat:

Haha, that is a unique way to ask a common question

Are you able to push it back toward your desired location?

If you can, then do, and build your wall

If not, then, still build that wall, to prevent any further migration

We refer to “wall” as a corral, search the forum for “corral” and you should get a few examples.

Here’s one of my quotes

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Are you able to push it back toward your desired location?

It’s tricky because I can push it back about half way but that would leave it on top of the bony area at the base of the hand (Trapezium/Trapezoid/Thumb and index finger Metacarpals). I often operate machinery with my hands so it might be wiser to leave it where it is - it tends to sink into a little pocket at the wrist, out of harms way. It’s a little harder to read there but I can pop it up onto the bony area if I have trouble reading it.
I know this type of post is usually a request for help to get the chip to stay in one place but I enjoy my wanderer.

What’s more, position zero is now freed up for another chip. This time though I would try to get it to stay put - don’t want him wandering off to join his buddy!


i think you should make a little train out of them :steam_locomotive::railway_car::railway_car::railway_car: and see how long it can get :crossed_fingers: