Upgrading Proxmark3 Easy

I just upgraded my proxmark3 easy to the latest version (in this case, v4.14831).

I followed the steps listed in the Getting Started Topic.
Getting started with the proxmark3 easy

I figured I’d “dumb down” that section below here, just in case any new user(s) like me has issues. Hopefully this is helpful and not just a spam post.

  1. Make sure you are in ProxSpace and not the proxmark3 folder; If you are, issue a quit command

  2. Issue Commands (Coffee Optional :coffee:)

cd proxmark3
git pull
make clean && make all
hw tune

  1. Look for:
    [+] LF antenna is OK
    [+] HF antenna is OK

Note: If you completed the step for “A simple trick to speed things up”, where you forced ProxSpace to auto open the proxmark3 client, you don’t need to do this again, since you never changed the original file.

Happy proxmarking!



Replace steps 2 to 6 with

cd proxmark3
git pull

git will update the source code to the latest version, then you can just compile and install.


Well I be damned…I’ll update the instructions. I appreciate it.

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So to confirm, you don’t really have to issue the MV command? Only if you want to archive the old version?

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git keeps every version ever commited, no need to archive unless you mean the builds ig

Git is a version control system, so there isn’t really any need to create a separate archive. If you want to go back you can always do git checkout *version* where the version is the commit number of the release.

git checkout 2c4c676 

Would pull down v4.14434 for example.

I do wonder how reproducable the builds are though, kinda regret my message because keeping builds around is actually useful for rollbacks

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Ok. and just to confirm my question… You don’t have to do the MV command, correct? Why would someone want to do that then?

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I would think that you would only want to do a ‘mv’ command to save just the builds. I would have to check the exact location to save the builds, but yes, you wouldn’t need to save the source code at all.

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Edited original post to reflect suggested changes