Upgrading Proxmark3 Easy

Not quite, step 4 that was listed was the combined method to flash both image and bootrom. If you only want to flash the image, thus skipping bootrom, then you’ll need to explicitly run . /pm3-flash-fullimage.

To clarify, if you entirely skip the mentioned step 4, of flash-all, you are flashing nothing to the device. You’ve compiled the client then done nothing with it on the device side thus the client will be mismatched against the full-image/bootrom of the device versus that on the computer.

If you want to compile the client and only flash full-image then:

  1. cd proxmark3
  2. git pull
  3. make -j
  4. ./pm3-flash-fullimage
  5. ./pm3
    5.1 coffee

Small disclaimer: my original comment was over a year ago and I have not actively kept up with the development of the Proxmark3 nor it’s github repo. Please take my comment with a pinch a salt and verify it’s accuracy with your own research.

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V4.16717 was released on Jun. 25, 2023.

Change Log is Here

One thing I noticed is “Changed hf mfu info - now detects Philips Sonicare devices".
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This worked perfect for me, i would add 4.1 Hold Button, Plug cable in. otherwise in my case, the device wasnt recognized

Your device should be recognised without the need for using the button trick. In your case, I’d do the same process, do the button trick then flash bottom (or flash all). Once complete, unplug then replug and it should be recognised without the need of the button.

The button trick is a way to force the device into bootrom so it can be flashed after a corrupt/bad image.

I thought so too, but I’ve always chocked it up to using osx and it being different than most setups

Still odd but I don’t have enough Proxmark experience on mac to really comment or help further.

From my understanding, it should still be recognised without the need of using the button trick as that’s how it’s intended to be used; compile, flash, plug in and use.

Welp. I’ve been away for awhile…

V4.17140 was released on Sept. 9th, 2023
V4.17511 was released on Nov. 13th, 2023
V4.17768 was released on Jan. 3rd, 2024
V4.18218 was released on Feb. 18th, 2024, with a special “thanks @dangerousthings !” in the Change Log


Good or bad?
Who knows. As long as we have some progress.


V4.18340 was released on Mar. 20, 2024. Change Log is here.

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