US east coast biohackers for Vice interview

Hey guys,

I have a contact at Vice looking to interview someone on the East coast of the USA who is

  1. doing anything with chip implants and cryptocurrency… anything at all, even just writing a public key to the chip.

  2. Might be doing an implantation soon they can film

Please reply here and I will direct her here to this thread to make contact.

Also, just as an aside, I like how Vice group their topics for easy display;


I live near Baltimore MD and I’m for sure getting the apex mega and they could film that. I also have 4K @ 60fps footage I shot of my xSIIDs getting implanted. I do actually use my xSIID as a sentinel card in the coin app which gives XYO currency. I just use the app for fun though and it’s an added bonus to having so many xSIID. I’m planning to store BTC on my apex mega also but like I can program my xSIID to send Bitcoin if they want.

Side note I’m also BUILDING a 2MW solar array to power hundreds of ant miner rigs at once. I even did all the math to show the generating power from solar needed for Bitcoin!

Side side note I’m also an NFT artist who uses my implants to mint my artwork on OpenSea. I mean all this means if that my NExT UID triggers the button to mint NFT on OpenSea but still. Here’s my artwork all minted as NFT with my implants →


Must… resist… :slight_smile:


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Hey Stephen- I’m Amal’s contact from Vice and would be interested in talking to you more about this- my email’s thanks!


Now i wish i was in America… ;/


i wish I was on the East Coast.

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I wish I was on Mars.


I was once asked to give an interview and I declined, because the last thing I want is my mush and my name in print. I know better.


So said Rosco, from Finland.

:man: :artificial_satellite: Rosco is pictured here with the Dangerous Things mind control space lasers.


I haven’t always lived in Finland :slight_smile:

I know better from experience with nasty media sumbitches in the US. The shit that one reporter from that one newspaper did to me followed me for 15 years.

I pity the fool who exposes his name in the media in a story connected to implants. Especially in the US. He or she is in for years of abuse. Sorry Vice and LaraH, I’m sure you mean well and I don’t want to torpedo your efforts, but that’s just the plain truth. There’s a old French proverb that’s particularly appropriate if you’re an implantee in the US: to live happy, live hidden.


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I know you haven’t, but I still found it amusing. At least I didn’t call you Rosco P. Coltrane. :smiley:


Can we please have a @Rosco interview, but with a live and animated laughing man imposed over his face no matter how he moves?

… please?

(You know you want an excuse to write some kind of script to facial track and obscure your identity)





I’m not exactly East Coast but it is my time zone.

  • I live in Northern Indiana.
  • I have a current xNT NFC Chip implant that I use daily. (I also took pics of the at-home procedure when I installed it).
  • I’m also going to be purchasing the xSIID NFC + LED Implant; so that can be documented.
  • I’ve been a full-stack web developer for almost 20 years. (this includes 2FA, data encryption, & application security)
  • I tinker w/ lots of IoT / SoC devices.
  • Years ago I did a TV interview for a PBS show segment about the future of “Cloud Computing”.
  • I’m also apart of the VivoKey Apex (Flex) beta. I did receive a first batch model that I still have and works. (It’s just not implanted due to the known wireless coupling issue when writing applets to it).
  • Here’s my LinkedIn profile and my personal website.

Just let me know if there’s anything else you may be looking for, and I may be able to provide further details.

Here’s an image to help get your attention.
time to party


Hey Lara,

I’m near Philadelphia and I would be willing to weigh in if you want. I plan to have two removals and two installs done soon (in the next couple weeks, I’m waiting on Amal to ship). I develop implants, and one of the installs will be a custom one I designed to convert my debit card.


Hi! I’d love to talk more about all this could you email me today at Thanks!

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Hi Lara!

If you don’t mind me asking, I am just curious what your article is going to be about?

I understand if you don’t want to share. I am just curious is it.

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