The anti🚫-derailment🚃 & thread🧵 hijacking🔫 thread🧵 ⁉

VK has no control over the keys. You generate them inside of you and they stay there, if that’s not your possession idk what is.

This is true, but there’s a solution. If VK prepared everything on their end and then spends a LOT on marketing, it has a chance to catch on.

If VK is attractive on its own, without transit and banks, and enough people get one, companies will follow. VK alone probably has a good chance in the yubikey market which is growing daily, even if only because people need 2FA for work.

Ofc though payment & transit will be the killer app.

But VK isn’t alone. Fidesmo is trying to merge all cards into one which can reduce costs for companies, so we have a good chance imo.

Yes they do: the master key that lets you deploy apps on the chip is not in your control.

Well, it all depends whether you’re an optimist or a pessimist. I tend to be the latter, because if things goes wrong, I’m never disappointed. But I sure respect Amal and everybody else in that game for trying to climb that particular hill.

If it works and Vivokey / Fidesmo end up being big enough players that I get to hear about them in mainstream media, and I start seeing public or financial services giving me the option to enroll my implant, I will commission a giant portrait of Amal, frame it in an overly ornate gilded frame, and hang in on my wall of the greatest people with balls of brass I respect most in the entire world.

Until that happens though, my intellectual makeup compels me to look at the cold hard facts today and admit that the odds aren’t good.

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Okay but technically that’s Fidesmo not VK :wink:

The plans of unlocking Apexes is probably shelfed, but on the discord people are playing with their own P71s, so if you want to control everything I think that’s an option soon™.

True, but this is one of the things I’m optimistic about, it’s more fun that way.

One block from home and I came across these three deer who took one look at me and went back to eating.


Ah yes true that. I guess I meant you’re hosting someone else’s chip under your skin. I’m okay with that actually, for the benefit of interfacing with outside services that I don’t provide.

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Man, I have been trying so hard to get my info and stuff removed from public domain. It is a never ending struggles. I was a soldier, so my name is associated with publicly posted pictures for sale from the US government.

I’m a white man. In one of the pictures, they labeled my buddy, a black man, as my name and vice versa on a different pic.

Government work.

Yeah, they are fucked if the wrong crowd takes it to heart.

Hey @amal how many days since your last threat?

He has mentioned they come in. I like to live the low life

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Hell, I even played you back in the days!

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this is non conducive tothe conversation. Roscoe and I have ended it, no more comments needed, but left because public

Hell, the US government played me like they did tons of other people. Mixed feelings I can’t get over. Like, I would do it again to be there for my brothers, but I know now, I was a tool to get rich, as they fed us soldiers crumbs.


I think perhaps this is not the venue to discuss US imperialism. But… yeah, you were a tool of US imperialism. No offense…


We did have cool shit though. GPS guided mortars, the m203?(under barrel grenade)That had the adjustable explosion.

Got to shoot the .50cal
120 mortars
Javelin (wire guided one)
Used the crow system
M320?(auto 40mm launcher)

I think my hall of fame photo is me with a dragunov?

Idk. There was tons of cool shit I can’t do anymore. Got to repel from helicopters, ridden in more than I can count.

I kinda miss it some days, easy ass paycheck in hindsight

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Hey fair

@Rosco I think I dealt with it

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Funny this:

Apparently the Finns didn’t wait: my first shot was Pfizer and my second shot was Moderna (and I never got so sick from a vaccine the second time incidentally: it put me to bed for 3 solid days…) When I asked the nurse whether it was okay to mix vaccines the second time around, because I had heard it wasn’t so great, she literally said “Well, it wasn’t. But we ran out of Pfizer. So now it is.” :wink:

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Without rehashing all of the previous vaccine/bodily autonomy debate

I genuinely don’t know how much I trust stuff like this… how many corners and standards are getting cut or overlooked

When was the last time the fda, who is notoriously hard to get approval from… rejected anything?
(I guess they pulled JJ for a hot second when people were having reactions)

Not saying that boosters are bad or anything like that… just that I’m far too cynical that standards and methodology are being changed to get things thru

I’ll trust any European health authority before I trust the FDA. Cavalier though the Finnish nurse’s reply was, I’m pretty sure there was a sound safety assessment behind Finland’s allowing mixing shot brands. If there was any serious risk, I trust they wouldn’t have done it. I can’t say the same of the FDA.


Stupid offtopic question - does anyone of you know a good shop for uncut rare DVDs or bluerays? One that ships to Germany, at best without taking all my cash for that :wink:
I’m currently searching for DVD or Bluerays from one of my favourite trashy-sci-fi series - LEXX. Incredibly cheesy, but I really loved the first season as a child… problem is, I know every German dubbed version is heavily cut, especially the third film because of violence, and some others are cut because of nudity in other languages. So it’s impossible to get an uncut German version, and really difficult to find one in any other language…
Might just be some nostalgia kicking in, but I’d love to see those again :wink:

Oh, for anyone who doesn’t know this wonderful piece of entertainment - we’ve got terrible CGI, a dark and strange story, decent actors (with Rutger Hauer, Tim Curry and Malcom McDowell in supporting roles!) and a space ship that looks like a flying penis dragonfly. And a great soundtrack.

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I’m not really used to all that filesharing-stuff, but I think I’d like to have a physical copy… I could easily download the season on yt, that’s not the main problem :wink:

If you ever want to just have a discussion, please reach out. I have been working in medical research for several years now, and have recently transitioned to be part of an actual team. I think there are a lot more safe guards in place than most realize.

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What price range are you looking for? There’s a medium sized chain book store near me that has all kind of used dvds. I’d be willing to look there. It’s a nice store to browse through, however their used prices aren’t always the cheapest.

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