US east coast biohackers for Vice interview

Might be too late, but I’ll throw it out there anyway: I’m in Upstate SC, have an xM1 and Spark installed. I have a stack of xSIIDs and flexies on hand, just need to find an installer - not sure if having the install documented would make the hunt harder or easier.
I work in IAM - can’t show anything directly with crypto, but I could show any kind of SSO/OIDC flow with Vivokey.

Care to explain to the IAM team at my work that they are total idiots? :laughing:


Interesting read, but some of the projects they describe are ones I recognize from here not the Facebook group that I refuse to join (Facebook wouldn’t let me join in 2000, and I refuse to join now)

I didn’t realize that magnetic implants were microchips, or that they are redundant. Who knew, someone has made magnetism redundant.


You’re better off for it.
Plus the Facebook group is no where near as active.

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Yeah! Shout out to the Endochron and the Bodybytes =D I was pretty excited to see that.

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Strange they didn’t mention any of the stuff they asked me in the interview! And I didn’t see any of the footage they asked for either :thinking:. I sent them 4K @ 60 footage of my gauntlet installation also so we’ll see if it ever makes the cut!!


I am hoping they make one of their mini documentaries, If so, I imagine it would be in there…

Maybe they are saving the best for last :man_shrugging:
Don’t tell the others I said that :wink:


I feel a tad annoyed with this blurb

“For many self-proclaimed cyborgs, the added layer of security that comes from knowing their scannable codes are stored safely under their skin is a major factor that influences their decision. However, data privacy experts have previously expressed concerns about whether the microchips can be used to trace, hack or steal sensitive data by literally getting under a person’s skin. “

I’m quite certain it was explained as nasuem to the reporter how the chips are incapable of tracking you etc… but apparently random unspecified “experts” know better than us about something we are literally at the bleeding edge with

Ignorance? Or playing to the readers ignorance and spicing it up ? Idk


Yeah I was surprised at how some of the article was so misinformed on a couple things.
Considering Vices coverage in the past, this was the weakest article by far.


Yeah so I was “quoted” in this article as well. Some of the use cases I described to the reporter I think were misconstrued a little. I was explaining scenarios in wich I used my chip to save time, but the way it was written made it seem like the chip can do things it actually can’t.

This was my second interview I was asked to participate in for my implant. While I love talking about it and spreading awareness while also plugging dangerous things, the finished work is never quite what I hope it to be.

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First time I was mentioned in a thing was super awesome,… probably because they are an excellent human being… and a fellow implantee

This was less than stellar, I feel I was a bit misquoted aswell, 2 for the worse, one for the slightly better

I also sent a couple great video clips, and he took a borderline useless screenshot from one of them



edit to add
God, never read open internet comments

Like, if people had just read the fucking article they might not regurgitate half of their misinformation in the comments


I mean, yall should ask her. @LaraH

Some people feel mis represented. Do you think you misrepresented them?


Also did you notice this article isn’t really what was described to me in my email?

I think I only sent it to @Backpackingvet

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I noticed that it wasn’t Lara who wrote the article. It was someone else.

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I did notice. I was excited to read it after we talked.

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I have one contact at the top. If it wasn’t @LaraH , than hopefully she can get these people in contact with the proper person.

If not @amal

I think it is kinda a shame that people were taken in the wrong context and presented that way also.

I read that article, and have been wondering what some of these implants people have are. They seem above the ability of people here.

It seems like they stretched the capabilities to the max for general, non rfid informed, readers.

I don’t blame anyone who partook personally.

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It was not the greatest article ever written, but although there was some misinformation Misinterpretation, It was definitely not a negative article.

It was still some positive publicity, and a supportive article nonetheless.

Here are a couple more from Vice if you have never seen them.

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I agree, I don’t think it was a bad article, it’s just the technology and chip capabilities weren’t translated well.

@Backpackingvet it wasn’t Lara’s article, and for the most part I didn’t have an issue with it other than my quotes weren’t written in a way I’d actually speak. Also the way I explained how I access my vaccination record wasn’t translated correctly. But to the average reader they won’t pay much attention to those little details.

Overall it’s just more mainstream exposure to the technology. I feel if people hear about it enough maybe they’ll start to accept the idea of implants more and chill out on all that government tracking and devil worshipping BS.


I agree,
Problem is I get the feeling that most aren’t actually reading or being exposed to it, they just scoff and make a misinformed comment and move on

Status quo

Also looks like Facebook may be limiting that articles reach, it has covid information center pop ups on it… lol