Usage and Position of first 2 Devices

I am an anxious cyborg.

I will wait.
I will bring my keychain.
I will still complain.

Thank you for the awesome explanation @Hamspiced . I love the knowledge in this community, and I’m so happy to be “one of us” now. I want to learn all the things.


Slowly trying to move towards a collective consciousness…

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It will, you are a fresh little cyborg

That I can’t guarantee, but your chance will improve.

Indeed this :point_up:

Haha, you are definately not the first…or the worst


I suppose I can be…


2-Week Post-Install Update!

I have my work badge on the LF side of my NExT. It is scanning some of the doors at work. The HID brand readers are GREAT! They read every time. The CardKey readers are problematic. There is ONE of these that I can get to see me every time, and all the other ones won’t see me. I found what should be their sweetspot with the field detector, and it still just won’t read my implant. At the other building, we have Honeywell scanners, and an unknown brand under a custom turnstile. The Honeywells show up as both LF and HF using my field detector card. I was able to locate the LF hot-spots, and if I contort my hand to JUST the right position, I can get the Honeywells to see me. I have about a 30% success rate with those. LOL. It looks like the turnstiles have such a low power output, I probably have no chance of ever opening those with my implant. There are also some smaller Honeywell readers that are doing something strange. They are easy to find the sweet spot, and they appear to read my implant, but they DON’T open the door. They turn green as if I got a successful read, but the door doesn’t unlock. My ID card and the cloned ID card I made work fine on those two devices. I’m really confused by those ones.

With the HF side of my NExT, I’ve changed my domain password to the UID of my implant plus a couple of special characters, so a bit of my password is in my hand and bit is in my brain. It’s like a weird 2-factor authentication, and I love it. I also installed Tappy on my Android phone and changed my Google account password to the UID as well. It works great! I’ve also stored a unit-link URL on the NExT so I can easily share my contact information.

My xSIID has been hard to find with my phone. I noticed yesterday that it has migrated very “deep” into the crux of the area between my thumb and forefinger. I can move it back to a more central area, parallel to the bone of my forefinger, and about 4-5mm away from it. I’ve done that and taped a little barricade into place to keep it from slipping back. I’m taking my vitamins and I plan to add gelatin into my diet to promote healing. It’s MUCH easier to read when it’s not buried in my hand. I’m just using this one for fun right now. My partner and I store pictures that are meaningful to us there and have fun making my hand blink! :blinky_red:

@Hamspiced 's little resonant repeater device is helping with read range on my phone! I have it affixed with Kapton tape to the back of my phone case, and that’s been fun!

Overall, things seem to be going well!
I think I’ll be looking at projects to make with the access controller since the work badge readers are so picky! Plus, I really want to learn how to build things with my new integrations!

I can’t thank this forum enough for all the warm welcomes and all the help. You cyborgs rock!


thanks for the update, it sounds like you have hit the ground running.

You are still JUST at the 2 week mark, You may still get some improvements in readability, so hopefuly that helps with those.

Also, I imagine you have already tried every different way possible to get a read.

Personally, when I come across a stubborn reader, my first resort and it frequently helps, is a slow swipe across the face of the reader


S L O W L Y !!!

Not too weird, a number of people use that technique…although that doesn’t make it not weird :wink:

Yeah, you and me both Buddy…

You’ve compared the dumps, and they are Identical???

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Yup! Slow and sweet across where the sweet spot is. Also with little rotations of my hand. The Honeywells here require a very precise orientation of my implant to the sweet spot on the reader. I’ll be at the CardKey facility again tomorrow, and will try again!

I will revel in our collective weirdness.

As in the data being produced/recorded by the readers? I wouldn’t have access to that, and our security team is not likely to get it for me. I only have the evidence that I can produce at the physical reader itself. The only explanation that I can think of is that somehow these readers are set to read both HF and LF and it’s the HF side of my NExT that it’s seeing?

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I’m at the facility that has mostly CardKey readers today. My field detector shows that some of them are producing REALLY weak fields. But some of them are nice and blinky on the keychain. The read condition is the same as last week. There is ONE CardKey reader that sees me every time without too much trouble. I can’t get any of the other ones to see my NExT. I must look pretty funny slowly caressing the readers with the back of my hand. I will give it more time, but I get the feeling that I won’t get much success out of these readers, and I can’t come up with a good reason why – at least not on the ones that have a nice strong signal (according to the keychain).
Between the HIDs and the single CardKey that I can use with my implant, I can get almost everywhere in the building, but it’s definitely not the shortest path from point A to point B. LOL.

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So i tried to research some of these Cardkey readers. It looks like the company that made them is no more, but they are simple weigand readers. I cant seem to find pictures other than ebay listings and tech docs are hard to come by. If i pull anything up i will let you know.

I am willing to bet some have a power dipswitch to allow it to enter low power mode and thats why it will work on one and not the other.

I would chat your your companies security team, and see if that is the case, if you are chummy with them they may even open up the reader and you can compare the dipswitch positions of the working reader to a non-working reader and have them flip it for you.

I wouldnt reccomend opening them up without consulting them first.

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Thank you for the info! I really appreciate it!
I’ll have to think about how to do that. Generally Global Security is very hands off of local security issues (unless there is an actual threat), and local IT personnel are responsible for most issues. I might be able to get one of our local IT people to open a reader for me or I might be able to convince the director (who is the ONLY person to notice how I log into my PC so far) to allow me to do it myself. I have a lot of tinker-cred with this company, but I think this might be testing how far I can take my seniority. LOL.

@Pilgrimsmaster & @Hamspiced
There are a few doors at this facility that used to be secure, but are no longer, but the readers are still active. There are just no latches on the actual doors. I took the cover off of one of the CardKey readers, and this is what I found.

Hey that’s an HID Proxpro.

So that one should work fine with your implant. Switch p1 should be the power saver switch. I’ll have to refer to the documentation


For reference I have the same one on my desk. So it may be a clone. Let me dig for the documentation

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Interesting! The ones with HID labels on them work fine. I would have to ask permission to remove the cover of the one CardKey that sees me, and I might do that next week when I’m back at this facility.
Though, if you have documentation, I can probably play with the one that doesn’t control a door lock to see if I can get better results too.

Thank you for the help!

Refer Below:

I was wrong Jumper P1 should be flipped if installed on a metal wall or junction box. (See 2.9)

Tamper is correct (2.6)

So at this point i can only assume that the issue is because it is being fed 12v instead of 24v which it is capable of. Thats my quick and dirty analysis of this atm. But judging by what i see here it should have zero issues reading your NeXt.

In its current state though it shouldnt read anything with the cover off. If you wanted it to function with cover off youd have to move the tamper jumper from 2-3 to 1-2


Also judging by the fact that true Proxpros work good, and these ones labeled card key doesn’t it may be that the clones are just bad clones? I’m just not sure at this point


Awesome. Thank you for all the information! I really appreciate it. I am going to ask if I can open at the one CardKey that does see my NExT when I’m back at that facility next week. Not sure if they will let me do that or not. In the meantime, I’ll read through the documentation you sent so I can LEARN things.
:woman_student: :robot_cyborg:

Do you have a security bit set you could take with you?
something like this

You may find it uses a security screw, or a torx, hex or even just a posi or phillips.
But, I would hate for you to show up, get permission, and then not have the tools to access it

if it is the same setup as the HID Proxpros, the front plate just pops off with some leverage, and then there is 4 standard phillips screws inside that hold the face cover to the back plate… the front plate can easily pop up with just a knife along the edge. it is friction fit within the screw hole cavities.


Yes! It’s like @Hamspiced said. On the inactive one that I already looked at, the front pops off, and there are just flathead screws securing the cover in place.

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