Userscript to reveal annoying blurred spoilers

Blurred spoilers are amusing every once in a while… when there’s a spoiler. But that gadget is used and abused more and more for no good reason as of late.

If you’re tired of having to click a dozen times per page on bits of text to read em, here’s a little Greasemonkey / Tampermonkey / Violentmonkey script to automatically reveal the damn blurred text globally:

// ==UserScript==
// @name        DT forum blurred spoilers killer
// @include     https://**
// @description Reveal annoying blurred spoilers
// @author      Rosco
// @version     0.1
// @grant       None
// ==/UserScript==

(function() {
  var allBlurredSpoilers = document.getElementsByClassName('spoiled spoiler-blurred');
  var nbBlurredSpoilers = allBlurredSpoilers.length
  for (var i = nbBlurredSpoilers - 1; i >= 0; i--) {
    allBlurredSpoilers[i].className = "spoiled";
  console.log("Killed ", nbBlurredSpoilers, "blurred spoilers")
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Nice trick.

Although I would just set a rule for .spoiler-blurred on my user-style (as part of a dark mode theme or anything similar)

Or a bookmarklet. in which case you don’t need the for loop, could iterate straight on the return of the getElementsByClassName array.

EDIT: sorry. spent the day doing peer reviews. My brain got stuck in the annoying “you could improve here” mode! :persevere:

EDIT II: here, I took that offencive criticism out of your sights. :rofl:

To each his own. Those who don’t like it can use the script :wink: Nobody’s forced to use it.

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Nah, jokes aside, it is a very good practice that you got there.

Sharing these handy tools is a great way of helping people from all sorts become more and more tech savy.

I do appreciate the initiative. ^^

I suck pond water at Javascript. And I don’t like web “development” anyway. That’s as good as I’m willing to make it in 10 minutes.

That, my dear sir, seems to be a requirement for a good developer! :rofl:

Boy, I hate node! (well, anything JS-wise, tbh… but node takes the crown in that department)

Hmm, no. I managed to make a very well paid career without ever touching the gigantic pile of steaming shit that runs the web.

What emoticons?

Also, whoever said I’m a professional? :slight_smile:

huh, at least I’m not the only dyslexic =)=)

for me it’s an automatical presumption. If you show code to a muggle you are automatically assigned the title of ‘professional’.

That’s the tragedy of IT: 95% of the line-pissers out there are very poor programmers, only worthy of the title “professional” because they made it their profession, and a good portion of them should be shot outright for inflicting us the code we all have to use today. But what they do look like voodoo to the uninitiated.

I have a feeling that a melancholic robot will point out the function of direst messages…
I go to tidy up.
tenor (9)

You’re welcome to derail the shit out of any of my threads :slight_smile:

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IT barely ever attracts or accommodates people with artistic skills.
I can’t deal with block of texts. I tried.
It’s one of those things. I had a special .pdf reader I could customize.
Background colour, text with…whatever.
My close reading speed with that software was approximating my current speed of hover reading.

If you were about to put a blurry spoiler I’d have chucked the screen in the corner for sure.

On the other hand I was thinking about the necessity of catering for all in my comments.
Sometimes I get questioned wether I was competent in a topic… I spend hours to edit a post. Sometimes the effort feels wasted knowing that the references I put in are generally ignored.
The only thing stands out is really my South Park gifs.

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Not by me they re not… They are enjoyed :+1: :heart:

I know… I mean, I noticed.
The reason I mentioned it was not needyness.
At least not this time.
I was more thinking about… nevermind.
Let Tofer explain it insted:
200 (1)
And guys traditionally suck at it. They just can’t do it properly.

There is nothing like a good’ol shittest from a girl.
:point_up_2: :point_up_2: :point_up_2: :point_up_2: :point_up_2: :point_up_2: :point_up_2: :point_up_2: :point_up_2: :point_up_2: :point_up_2: :point_up_2: :point_up_2: :point_up_2:
Imagine this being blurry. :wink:

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Imagine no longer

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I made it rethorically accessible for Rosco.


I see how you might think that. But… Coding is not just text: it describes something you want to do. It’s a machine you build piece by piece until it does exactly what you like. Very much akin to Lego bricks or Minecraft.

And then good optimized code - fast, clean, well commented, whatever you need or want it to be - is an art form: you take something that works and make it into something that works beautifully. Hard to describe - particularly to this generation of C# and Javascript monkeys who can’t clean-code their way out of a wet paper bag.

I won the IOCCC contest over 2 decades ago. My entry was only a few lines of C, but it took me almost a month to polish it and make it work. You might think it’s an OCD pursuit, but there’s something deeply satisfying when you’ve been poring over the same bit code over and over, and you finally discover that obscure but valid syntax trick, or unlikely combination of instructions that saves you the 3 bytes you need to stay under the maximum allowable size. And suddenly you have this beautiful construct that does amazing things and you can submit it to someone else to marvel at your cleverness!

I guess it’s very much like the pleasure you derive from building boats in a bottle, or putting minute dabs of color on a painting until you’re completely satisfied with the results - and sometimes nobody but you understands why :slight_smile:

At any rate, coding definitely is not just text. I just wish the semi-sentient EE and IT “engineers” universities vomit in droves today understood what it was like back when it was a real computer science, and you had to apply care and intelligence to software design.

I would say that is a – very common – misconception.
In fact, now a days I recruit and train developers almost exclusively from artistic backgrounds.

Unlike what most might think, Artistic skills are amongst the tools needed for the best Software Engineers!

Not the best codemonkeys… and often not the best at following manuals either.

But they hack like no other type and often can come up with crazily efficient solutions that more traditional “mathematical” types would not even come close.

Of course, I would not put a polymath to build a secure database. there are mindsets more suited to it. But I sure want a polymath’s view on the gestalt of any software to be built. As much as I don’t trust a hacker who can’t make some art!

Take all the famous Polymaths in history… art and math walk hand in hand there.

I actually wish IT universities would just give up and shut down. It is really hard to find any good dev coming from uni! And when I do find them, it’s because they were already good before going to uni.

Only thing unis teach in IT is how to think you know best than you do, and then some terribly obsolete practices. nothing else…

I feel you. :sweat_smile:

All in all, just keep in mind that most people’s repplies tend to use whatever anyone said just as a hook for what the person wants to say.
Regardless of what the original poster actually said. :woman_shrugging:

I spent most of my life in education.
Trust me, I tried… I have certain skillsets that needed, but not the personality.
Mean: we got a task, I came up with 3 solutions, non of them were the task, despite the program was kinda doing what it supposed to… but if it’s needed to imbedded in a system it’s better to be what the treatment was.

I was advised to go to art school and everything I got told off before will be a compliment there.
Violá: True.
Needless to say that art in high ed is stupidly patronising.

The TO-DO attitude is missing. But globally!
There is only a handful of my mates who you ask to paint the bottom of the sky and instead of them explaining why is it impossible they ask: What colour?

I’m the opposite: I answer questions that meant to be a joke, but I can’t do empirical methods.

Personality is a double edge thing tho:

•The art schools are FULL(!!!) with with non natural hair coloured ppl otherwise 893
•Military and para-military organisations attract those who can turn violent if bored
•Hospitality soaks up those who are dropped out of school, they just don’t listen
•The marketing cluster is full with the competitive, but incompetent… and those are the worse, they sell you shit they don’t even know what that supposed to be!!
•Media…sjw- in a urgent need to be heard, biased as f

Ya, by the way: Welcome to Café Rosco! Would you like to see the menü?
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