Uses for implants in a smart home

Hi all! I’ve been a DT Club member for a bit now, but I mostly lurk here. :slight_smile: I have a NExT implanted and an xMagic ready to go in when I have time.

I’m disabled and use a power wheelchair for mobility. I have very basic smart home gadgets in my current place (voice control of a few lights) which is very convenient for me. I also have a project that I’ve built with a hidprox reader and an ESP32 so I can scan my NExT and have Home Assistant unlock my smart lock. However, I’ll be moving to a much newer apartment in a few weeks, and my goal is to outfit it with as much (ideally locally-controlled) smart home tech as possible to make my life easier.

All of this being said - if any of you have ideas for smart home tech or automations to help someone with limited mobility, or (even better!) ideas for how to integrate implants into smart home routines, I’m all ears! I’ve set aside a decent budget for new tech and I’m willing to entertain damn near any idea :grin:

Edit: I also have a decent homelab that I’m willing to add to!


Do you run home assistant?

Sure do! I don’t have a ton of stuff integrated (mostly just using it to make the hidprox reader talk to the smart lock) but I’m familiar with configuring it.

There’s a whole thread about using high frequency implants if you’re interested:


This is awesome! I have really good luck with the HID 6005 using the NExT (you don’t have to be super careful about placement, pretty much just slap your hand against it and you’ll get a read) and it works really well with ESPhome and Tasmota. Just need a level shifter and you can power the reader from the pins on the ESP32. I’ll check this out for the HF side of things though!


I tried using an EM reader and had good results:

But I never got around to installing this somewhere.