UV LED implant to make UV tattoos glow at all times? HELP 😫

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I’m brand new here & pretty much entirely new to the idea of body modification. I’ve known it’s a thing for quite a while, but now I have an idea that’s driving me crazy & I wanna finally take that leap & make it a reality. Please, assume I know NOTHING whatsoever, because I basically don’t. So, I may ask questions that seem stupid/naive…but I know this is possible.

I’ve been searching for ideas for my first tattoo. I’ve always wanted one, but only if it would be unique. I searched high and low for inspiration and the only thing that really intrigued me was UV tattoos. Thing is, they’re sorta lame because they require that one is always under UV light in order to show it off. Unless….unless they had a UV light source underneath their skin, under the tattoo, that could illuminate the ink from within…Right? But how?

…This is the ONLY place on the internet (that I’m aware of) where I can start a topic like this without being spat on and hated immediately. Most people seem to get freaked out/think you’re nuts when you propose ideas like this. I know this may sound sort’ve crazy, but it’s such a dream of mine and this is a biohacking community, after all. I just imagine how utterly cool it’d be to have tatted up forearms, but if the tattoos were constantly glowing, as if by magic. UV light shined down onto skin = lame. UV light coming from underneath the skin = magic. Know what I mean? I’m really obsessed with the idea & I know it’s possible, because UV tats are already a thing, as are LED implants…I just need help figuring out how to combine them & execute the idea. This is a good example of what I’m thinking of, though I’m sure it’ll never look this good or be possible on this scale

  • Would it even be possible to avoid getting cancer from having UV LEDs under my skin?

  • Could they be powered without having to hold a phone right up to my skin? I saw another thread here, by someone who had the same idea…one of the replies was from someone who mentioned they were working on a bracelet that could send signals to implanted LEDs & make them glow that way. Sounds like a pretty good solution to me :thinking:

  • Would there be a way to diffuse the light from the LEDs, so as to avoid them looking like isolated points of concentrated light? I’d want a more even, uniform spread of light that would just illuminate the ink smoothly.

  • Is there any such thing as implantable lights that are battery powered? Meaning, the battery being inside the body?

  • Maybe instead of a little piece of tech with singular LEDs, there exists some sort of flexible, thin “pad” or sheet that has one even, uniform glow? Idk guys, I told you I don’t know anything…:joy: i’m just throwing things at the wall here. PLEASE help me, I’m clueless.

If anyone has any idea of how to make this sort of thing a reality, I could really, really use your help. I’d probably be the happiest person alive if I achieved this dream lol. Maybe there’s a solution 100x better than anything I’ve mentioned here. Idk, I’m totally in the dark about this world of biohacking. If you know anything, put me on! :slight_smile:


I’m always seeing ancient articles like this proving ideas like mine are possible, but the technology is always being gate-kept (does that make sense?) and seems impossible to get a hold of…so annoying

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Is this the one?

You may also be interested in the xGlo

Use the search function (Top Right)

You’ll find 50+ posts about it

But be aware, It is not available…currently…or probably ever…but Never say Never…but, you probably can…:person_shrugging:


Is this the one?

Yeah, that’s the one :slight_smile:

& thanks for the xGLO suggestion, though I’ll probably never get it lol

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@String_Fellow had this led filament implanted for a short time, maybe that’s something you could work with.

I mean you cat implant them right away because there are many problems that you will need to find workarounds (Make them bio compatible, solve the power source problem, make them tougher so they don’t break and so on )but it might be possible to build a implant with this as inspiration.


Wow, that’s actually so interesting. Thank you so much! I hope I can work with this

Not really. Everything on this site is passive - transponders that receive current from an electromagnetic field outside the body. For data transmission and single LEDs that’s all that’s required.
Anything that needs more current would require a battery, which is extremely problematic. Anything placed under the skin needs sealing in a sterile coating. If that seal is compromised your body is exposed internally to potentially toxic chemicals and batteries contain chemicals that would be particularly dangerous if dispersed in the bloodstream.
Currently the only area in which this level of risk is considered acceptable is medicine. Battery-powered pacemaker that can keep a patient alive? Worth the risk.


You might want to take a look at the human skin absorption spectrum. If the tattoo pigment is near the surface and the led is below the skin you might have a couple millimeters of skin layers to shine through. And skin has specifically evolvelved to absorb UV and protect you insides from them.
I guess the question is, how deep is the pigment and what kind of wavelengths do you need?


That sounds like a bad idea, since UV can damage your skin and cause skin cancer. The whole point of the melanin in the upper skin layers is to prevent UV from reaching the jucy lower layers of your skin and body.

That beeing said, you could try to use those super tiny pcb LED’s, and wrap a thin wire arund it, placing it in a coil that connects to both ends. Encase that in a biopolymer, and you got yourself an implantable pixel, that can be lit up by an alternating magnetic field.

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