Vcard on xSIID done!

I just self implanted the xSIID chip and it went smooth.

This chip will permanently hold my
vcard website.

This was the only way I found to share my VCARD info with iPhone users.


Can you explain a little how you handle VCARD for iphone users?
From what I know iPhone won’t automatically open VCARD data from NFC chip. iPhone only automatically opens links, right?

So I presume your chip contains a link to that shows your info. Is that right?

The way I did it was I made a website where all my info is displayed. There is a vcard download button for an actual file download.


Thank you for the clarification.
Were you able to save downloaded VCARD file on an iPhone?
I tested this and it seems iPhone only shows VCARD data downloaded from the internet. There’s no button to save that data.

Did you have the same experience?

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Do most people even know what VCards are?

No experience with iPhones here. I will see if I can test it on my buddy’s iPhone later today.

You are right! ,
How can I better rephrase that for people that don’t know what a vcard is?

This is most likely just a conversation starter, I really don’t expect it to be a replacement for a business card.

From my experience, there are too many variables,

Androids: don’t have NFC enable in settings

iPhones : only new ones read NFC in the background .

The other main issue is people have bulky cases that interfere with the reading.

Thank you for confirming this.

I never thought about that. How about “digital business card”?

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Good description probably a better name for it.
Pretty sure vCard stands for Virtual Contact card… hence the .vcf … hmmm the f???.. wait one… Virtual Contact File (thanks Wikipedia)


Also speaking in terms of slang if you offer someone your Vcard you might get some… interesting reactions.


virtual contact file

Haha, yep



my implant has a url that points to a website , in that website I have a link to the .vcf file. The iPhone is able to open that file and save it In phones contacts.

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I do the same. I have a page specifically for those who scan. On it is my VCF for download, social media links, and a blurb about the chip with link to DT. Works perfectly on iPhone and user can save the VCF as a new contact.

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I’d love to see these pages, if you feel like DMing the URLs to me…

I’m mainly interested in knowing what sort of data and features people want to see on these “personal landing pages”… I will be taking a second look at the VivoKey profile pages again soon and see about sprucing them up a bit. Any ideas are welcome!


Always evolving and looking how to improve existing things… That is why you are the best-est :+1:

  • A mobile number field

  • The ability to choose an icon for links and optionally display a name with the icon (my website link shows as a ‘home’ logo and blends in so well that it doesnt really look like a link)

  • A ‘save to contacts’ button that downloads the data as a Vcard.

  • I understand there are technical limitations on this, but an iOS app so I can stop borrowing my brothers phone!


So what’s the latest best way to try to do a vCard for iOS?

Did you ever get the link to cloud vcard to save on iOS?

I’m playing with self-contained vcards (with all the data in the vcard, not involving a URL) with my name, phone number, email and a photo. Turns out, the photo really isn’t too bad for the purpose of sticking a small image next to an entry in a cellphone address book. It takes a while to find the right crop, size and JPEG compression, but the result is surprisingly good.

Here for instance, my vcard, with my ugly mush in 40x40 and 524 bytes:

TEL:+123 45 678 9012

It fills a NTAG 216 almost to the brim, but it works. However, I noticed that if I put a photo AND a URL, Android freezes when it reads the tag :slight_smile: