Vcard on xSIID done!

I do the same. I have a page specifically for those who scan. On it is my VCF for download, social media links, and a blurb about the chip with link to DT. Works perfectly on iPhone and user can save the VCF as a new contact.

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I’d love to see these pages, if you feel like DMing the URLs to me…

I’m mainly interested in knowing what sort of data and features people want to see on these “personal landing pages”… I will be taking a second look at the VivoKey profile pages again soon and see about sprucing them up a bit. Any ideas are welcome!


Always evolving and looking how to improve existing things… That is why you are the best-est :+1:

  • A mobile number field

  • The ability to choose an icon for links and optionally display a name with the icon (my website link shows as a ‘home’ logo and blends in so well that it doesnt really look like a link)

  • A ‘save to contacts’ button that downloads the data as a Vcard.

  • I understand there are technical limitations on this, but an iOS app so I can stop borrowing my brothers phone!


So what’s the latest best way to try to do a vCard for iOS?

Did you ever get the link to cloud vcard to save on iOS?

I’m playing with self-contained vcards (with all the data in the vcard, not involving a URL) with my name, phone number, email and a photo. Turns out, the photo really isn’t too bad for the purpose of sticking a small image next to an entry in a cellphone address book. It takes a while to find the right crop, size and JPEG compression, but the result is surprisingly good.

Here for instance, my vcard, with my ugly mush in 40x40 and 524 bytes:

TEL:+123 45 678 9012

It fills a NTAG 216 almost to the brim, but it works. However, I noticed that if I put a photo AND a URL, Android freezes when it reads the tag :slight_smile:

But are you able to save that in iOS?

Beats me. I don’t have any Apple product. I guess if you want to test if iOS reads it and does something useful with it, and you have a NTAG 216 or larger lying around, all it takes is writing the vcard to the tag and presenting it to the iPhone.

EDIT: I have a feeling I didn’t post this in the right thread. I just realized it’s about iPhones. Sorry :slight_smile:

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But still to answer this, no. iOS does not support Vcards over NFC. As a workaround you can host it on a website, and put the link as an NDEF record.

Tested with a placeholder card, clicking the link will open safari then pop over with the contact card, theres a button there to save it to contacts.

Makes sense, but how are you hosting it, that’s the special sauce I’m lacking

Well, to be fair to Apple, it’s highly non-standard. Android happens to support it, but they don’t have to, and they don’t have to do it that way either.

Grab linktree

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Pick your poison. I have my own web hosting for my website so its just a file there. You could share it on Dropbox, post it to github, any number of file sharing websites.

If you combine it with linktree like Devil suggested it makes for a very clean result

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I’m a fan of the tappy card and linktree - type layouts. They are pretty similar.

Just one more quick point, using a URL is a workaround, and it depends on the other phone having an active internet connection. That’s a fair trade off for me, but something to keep in mind.

Also something I noticed when I was creating my vcf file, the one my Android phone exported would not work on iPhones, and the one I made for iPhones did not work on my Android device. I had to generate an iphone compatible vcf file I think version 4.0 from a website. My Android phone only accepted the vcf file version 2.1. I then took both files and hosted them on my website, made a landing page for different information I wanted to share, and had to create 2 separate links to download my contact card for iOS and for Android. Definitely not ideal but a good work around for now.

If anyone knows a vcf version or format that works across both OS’s please let me know.

I’m hoping once the new version of iOS launches and iPhone 12 is out there will be more compatibility for NFC reading, being Apple seems to be putting focus on this now.

vCard 2.1 is the least common denominator. Everything under the sun that understands vCards reads it. Subsequent versions… well, the higher you go, the more of a crapshoot it becomes. Since there is no technical advantage and little informational advantage offered by later versions, you can safely and happily default to 2.1 for best compatibility.

I added the details i wanted to a new contact on iOS, then chose Share Contact -> Save to Files. It’s worked perfectly on every device I’ve tried so far.

What’s a good way to host the files? I don’t have my own website like others

I think I tried a direct google drive link and it won’t work correctly, because it makes you jump they the google hoops before giving you the file

A couple of posts above
@Devilclarke and @rvenfrost suggest something like tappy card and for this purpose