Very visible implant

Is it normal for the implant to be this visible at all times? Did a self implant about 3 days ago, and it dosent hurt or anything like that but i do notice that its quite visible under my skin when i shine a light on it. Also, when i move my skin around, and lift the skin, the chip follows, is this correct?
Its worth noting that my veins are also quite visible in my hands, Even the thinner ones


Yep. Everyone’s hands are a bit different and many people have visible implants like that, especially when closing the hand that way. The muscles underneath are being engaged and pushing the chip upward.

Looks fine.
It’s visible for some people, most don’t see it all the time tho’.
I do see mine too.
Ofc Amal is faster, damn it.

Thanks for the answers :blush: if anything, atleast its very easy to orient my Phone correctly towards it :joy:

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Depends on the implant too.

My DT implants are almost invisible, even when I try to bring them out. My IAR implant on the other hand sticks out like a nun in a whorehouse.

It’s not the coating, because my xBT is coated, yet it’s invisible. It’s something else. Or maybe it’s just a random outcome…

Three of my implants are visible. I like it, much better way to freak out people :rofl: :joy:

you can see very gool my xM1+ in my right hand.

In the left hand you can see a bit of my flexDF and the converted microcreditcard . Ok its like - there is something under my skin,…

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Microcreditcard? That sounds very interesting :smirk: details on how its done? :grin:

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look here :slight_smile:

my site is in german:

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Like some have said here, it varies from person to person.

Let me just say, people don’t look at your hand to see whats different. I worked with a guy for about 6 months many years ago. We hung out at work, drank and went to nightclubs etc. it was about 3 or 4 months in that i finally realised he only had 3 fingers on his hand, i cant even remember which hand it was.


As others have pointed out, a visible implant is normal. Both of my current implants are visible, as are others.

IAR? Haven’t heard of them before

IAR == - another implant vendor. I have two implants from them.

Speaking of IAR, is it just me of their X2P Lite RFID relay looks suspiciously like the xAC v2?


interesting. I haven’t seen them before. What are your opinions on them?

Well, on the plus side, they offer larger diameter glass implants than DT, and they clearly outperform smaller implants. Also, their implants are coated, which I prefer - but I’m in a minority apparently.

On the minus side, their website is light on technical details and the company’s owner won’t answer emails. They don’t have a vibrant community like DT (they don’t have a community at all in fact). Also, apparently there have been reports of glass implants from them being fragile and breaking. And they are known to offer products of questionable quality.

In short, I am happy with my own IAR implants. Would I buy from them again? Possibly, if it’s a glass tube and I’m looking for extra range, or if it’s an implant I want to stick somewhere odd and be extra-sure it’ll stay put. Should you? Probably not.

(Incidentally, I really wish DT offered a coating option. Hint hint nudge nudge :slight_smile:)

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thanks for the write-up! Appreciate the time you took to for it!

that’s interesting. I’m not dissuaded to get one, but it’s definitely not going to be my first choice. I really like the idea of the glass capsule format, but the range of them that DT has is a little disappointing from what I’ve seen online, so I’m on the side of getting a flex implant. Then again, the glass capsule format is great for ease of installation.

It’ll be on my radar, but very low priority lol

Just to be clear, I’m not blasting IAR. They’ve delivered the goods and they’ve worked flawlessly. But that’s only my experience. I’m just relaying others’ concerns and reports.

Ha, That is tricky, I personally wouldn’t say they are disappointing, however, some people may be disappointed , but this is due to THEIR unrealistic expectations. It’s all about physics.
Realistically, it comes down to paring your implant choice with the reader.
eg. my NExT
The xEM side works flawlessly EVERY single time with the xAC.
Most of my work readers, read my super easy, except a couple that put out less power, but I expected this, I am NOT disappointed, I just understand the limitations and accept it. This is why I have a FlexMT on the way…

So the compromise between these is:

In my opinion, the flex wedge is a GREAT option. (I plan to get a FlexApex and FlexM1gen2)

If I could design my ideal implant and had the ability to defy physics, I would have a FlexM1gen2 & FlexT5577 in a single wedge flex format…But reality is a spiteful bitch, and my expectations are adjusted accordingly.

For you @StingWay , I would suggest you have a look at your readers, and share them on here, and hopefully somebody will be able to give you a “real life” performance expectation

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Its a slightly different format but the flexMT :wink:

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Yeah, I have one on the way… That’s a BIG hole… I have to find someone to slice and dice me :hocho: , but waiting until I have it to show, ask and convince!

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All their products look and sound suspiciously similar to DT stuff.
I really want to like them, but it’s hard to do so.